Lila’s Bali Diary – part 5

Open water diver Book

How to pass the PADI open water diving exam in Bali

What’s the best way to spend your day off?  Well, of course on the beach reading the PADI Open Water Diver manual! With this mindset, I set the alarm clock at 8.30 am and mentally prepare myself to read the whole OWD book in one... Reed More

Lila’s Bali Diary - part 4

Lilis Open Water Diver Course in Padangbai

The joy of scuba diving in Bali

My joy of scuba diving lasts until Laci tells us that the next day we are going to practice a second round of practical exercises in the sea, including mask, compass and self-rescue exercises. In the morning we all meet by the pool and Laci explains how to use a compass. I'm trying to suppress panic. I’ve always had a problem with orientation. I manag... Reed More

Lila’s Bali Diary - part 3

Girls on OK Divers Boat

I am floating weightless in the space

I slept awfully. I was constantly waking up and when I was up, I tried to breathe only through the mouth, without using the nose.  When I came to the pool at OK Divers in the morning, I felt terrible, but I was determined not to give up. "Laci, I'm taking a snorkel and a mask, and I wil... Reed More

Lila’s Bali Diary – part 2

OK Divers Pool BCD

The buoyancy somehow pulls me back to the surface

When the instructors at OK Divers told me that I would handle the PADI Open Water Diver course with no problems, even though I had never dived before, I was kinda skeptical. 28 years have been enough time for me to realize that I am often quite hysterical. Actually, I was panicking about potentially starting t... Reed More

Lila’s Bali Diary – part 1

OK Divers collage

I am trying to acclimatize!

I've always been an adventurer. It usually occurred to me that I had the sudden need to escape my promisingly developing professional life. Because of this need, for example, I decided to travel to Rwanda after college, with an original plan to save the world. Later, I changed a convenient job at a law office for a non-profit job, which a... Reed More