Scubadiving with respect to marine life

Divers don’t harm sea life

Scuba diving allows you to enter and explore a whole new world of colorful corals, critters of all shapes and sizes, cute looking fish that can seem to be curious about you too. Of course it is tempting to interact and touch. Nonetheless what many divers might not realize is that their interaction with the marine life might have a very negative effect. In... Reed More


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Preserve the Environment

Most divers are aware of the fact that proper diving avoids contacts with any plant and animals they encounter. What probably would not occur to any responsible diver is to litter the ocean with objects that don’t belong there. Unfortunately the reality is such that the trash can be found in many popular dive sites. Whether it is caused by i... Reed More

Few Reasons Why We Shouldn't Touch the Marine Life

Few Reasons Why We Shouldn't Touch the Marine Life

Respect is the key

Scuba diving in Padangbai is a memorable experience for all divers who come to Bali. Those who want to enjoy a scuba diving holiday in Bali will have one of the best diving as well as snorkelling experience in Padangbai. Diving in Bali is an amazing for the novice or experience divers too and especially Padangbai is the spot where challenging divi... Reed More

Protecting Sharks

Protecting sharks is protecting the oceans

Time to save the sharks

Almost 40 years after the stupid movie “Jaws” scientist, conservationist and shark protecting organisation are still picking up the pieces and trying to explain to people of the world that sharks are not ferocious man eaters. This movie was one of the most successful misleading achievement of cinematography ever. Thanks to Steven Spielberg most of the sharks was taken as... Reed More

What do we do with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

beach bottle garbage

Care for the nature. Save the future

If you have ever wandered what happens with the plastic you see floating in the ocean than you have probably never heard of Garbage patches. As sad as it may be, each ocean on our planet has one and the biggest one is in the North Pacific. The amount of trash going into the sea in most of the countries around the world is pretty... Reed More