6 Reasons Scuba Diving Is a Great Idea On Family Vacations

Diving family vacations

Making great family memories

Family vacations are all about adventures and bonding. Sure, you might want to spend some time relaxing by the beach or pool, but to really bond as a family you need to get out there and enjoy some activities together. An activity that has become popular in recent times is scuba diving. There are so many reasons why this is a fantastic a... Reed More

Underwater Shaun The Sheep

Underwater Shaun The Sheep

Be the first to know!

Did you know that in tropical waters around Bali you can find an underwater beauty which got their nickname after a popular child character the “Shaun The Sheep”? This adorable nickname originates from their appearance characterized by black rounded eyes, sheep-like face and cute feelers. So-called "Leaf Sheep", also known under the scientific... Reed More

Dos and Don’ts of Scuba Diving

Dos and Don’ts of Scuba Diving

Show me the rule book

Scuba diving is undoubtedly exciting and for recreational divers it should be a fun activity in the first place. But it is also complex and involves a lot of self-awareness and respect. Respect for your instructor or dive masters, for the boat crew, the other divers in your group, and last but not least you should definitely respect the natural... Reed More

On A Female Note – Scuba Diving During Period

Scuba Diving During Period

Don’t overthink it, just dive in!

While (according to statistics) there are still more recreational male than female scuba divers out there, in this blog post, we will speak to the ladies. So, gents, excuse us, but unless you are ready to read about some sovereignly female issues in scuba diving, then we recommend you to have a read of some of our other blog posts.... Reed More

How to Behave Around Mola Mola

 Diving With Mola Mola In Bali

Floating in sea is the best part of life

The dive sites in Bali are full of life and all sorts of beautiful, even rare, creatures. One of the most peculiar ones is with no doubt the large Ocean Sunfish, commonly known as Mola Mola. They do live around Bali all year round, however for most of the year they are in the depths too deep for recreational divers to spot th... Reed More