Scuba Bali Diving Holiday

Scuba Diver under water in Bali

How to Plan Diving Holidays in Bali

The first thing you need to consider when planing a scuba diving holiday in Bali is how much diving in Bali you actually like to do. S... Reed More

Diving in Bali - Scuba Diving License

Diving in Bali - Scuba Diving License

How do I learn to scuba dive?

Are you intending to get a scuba diving license in Bali? Are you ready to go on the beautiful Bali diving adventure? We have prepared all the divinng information that you need on the way to get a scuba diving certification and become certified scuba diver in Bali and probably in most PADI dive centres around in the world. Come... Reed More

Bali Diving with Kids

Bali Diving with Kids

What You Need to Know About Scuba Diving with Kids in Bali 

According  PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors), kids can be certified as PADI Junior Open Water Divers when they reach 10 years of age. PADI even has pool programs for 8-year-olds called bubble maker. Scuba diving agencies like PAD... Reed More

PADI Rescue Course In Bali

Rescue Diver

Challenging but rewarding diving course

Surely we can all agree that scuba diving in Bali is a wonderful fun activity. On the other hand while enjoying this hobby, divers should be aware that anything can happen and that the sea can be a treacherous friend. You may have a countless dives logged in your logbook, that however does not mean you would know what to... Reed More

Why You Should Continue Your Scuba Diving Education

Scuba diving in the OK Divers pool

Gear up for diving course in Bali, and explore yourself!

It is said that as long as one lives, they will never cease to learn. That is if that person will wish to do so. Continuous learning is beneficial also when it comes to scuba diving. When diving in the sea or any open water, which represents a wild environments that will never be fully controlled, you can neve... Reed More