Panic Scuba Diver

Panic scuba divers in padangbai

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself

Divers are by nature adventurous people with the needed bravery and confidence to go deep underwater and explore the rarely seen world. It is unfortunately also natural that every one of us can get into a panic state of mind under difficult or threatening circumstances. Panic is also a major issue in scuba diving, because eve... Reed More

Scuba Diving for Kids

Children and Scuba Diving in Padangbai

Happy go Lucky in Bali

Scuba diving in Bali is an amazing activity in many ways. Besides engaging you in physical exercise, another important thing is the experience you get from seeing the underwater world at first hand. Reading books and watching documentaries is part of the whole learning process, but seeing the aquatic animals and plants in actions is cert... Reed More

How to Get the Perfect Underwater Macro Photography in Padangbai

Underwater Macro Photography in Padangbai

Capturing the Moments

Not all of us can break into the world of professional photography, let alone capturing world-class underwater macro shots. However, photography is not something that’s impossible for everyone to learn. Getting the perfect macro shot is not an easy task, but it is certainly posible with enough practice. Here are some tips for beginners to make beautiful photographs while s... Reed More

Why Finding The Perfect Dive Buddy Is Crucial

Why Finding The Perfect Dive Buddy Is Crucial

True friends are best supporters in difficult times

The so called buddy system is considered a preventive measure in scuba diving. A group of two or three people is constantly packed together in a scuba diving activity to avoid accidents or improve the chance of survival in case of accidents. There are many possible scenarios where divers need assistance from others to survive, for example out-of-air emergency and navigati... Reed More


Girls and Scuba Diving

The Future is Female

For many years, women have been the minority in the diving society. One of the main reasons is that scuba diving equipment has been traditionally designed to fit a man’s body. Although it doesn’t sound too much of an obstacle, it does actually create unequal chance for potential women divers. Even in the navy, most divers are men. Recent discove... Reed More