What Makes Me Want to Pee While Scuba Diving?

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Don’t Wait, Hydrate!

Let us assure you right at the beginning - the urge to pee during scuba diving activities is physiologically normal. For some people, particularly the beginners, this can be not so pleasant experience which might lead them to believe that they have bladder issues. The inexperienced may even try to deter from drinking enough water before the dive... Reed More

Why It Is Important To Equalize Your Ears While Diving

Why It Is Important To Equalize Your Ears While Diving

Equalize Like a Pro

In scuba diving the term “equalizing” means to equalize pressure between the inside of your ears and the underwater environment. Human ears have the natural ability to compensate external pressure from the surrounding world and this mostly happens without... Reed More

What Diving Fins To Buy

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How do I choose a scuba fin?

Regardless of how experienced you are in scuba diving or snorkeling, parts of your expertise depend on how good the equipment you use is. Choosing the wrong gears can be dangerous and make you prone to injuries. Obviously one of the important diving/snorkeling gears are the fins. They are available in plenty of options and styles which c... Reed More

Do You Really Need A Scuba Diving Insurance?

Do You Really Need A Scuba Diving Insurance?

Security is a priority, not an option

Financial protections come in all sorts of activities from driving on any roads to diving deep underwater. Insurance companies offer many different types of coverage, but most of them do not cover less-than-usual activities, for example diving. Life, health, and accident insurance are available from most companies yet very rarel... Reed More

Health and Scuba Diving

Health and Scuba Diving

Be an inspiration!

Whether you do scuba diving for fun or scientific research, you can consider it a sport. Scuba diving is not a cardio or otherwise intensive workout, it won’t make you run faster or lift more weight. However it does incorporate swimming, which happens to be one of the most popular sports activities in the world. A... Reed More