The World of Nudibranchs

Padangbai with nudibranch

The bottom-dwelling, jelly-bodied nudibranch.

Some divers say “the more you dive, the smaller you get” … Not that the diver would shrink from diving too much. The thing is that most people, when they start diving, are so overwhelmed by the amazing underwater world that they don’t know where to look first. Usually they look for the big stuff on the first dives, however the more they dive, the mo... Reed More

Help With Decompression Illnes in Bali

Help With Decompression Illnes in Bali

How to handle decompression accident in Bali

We have already addressed the issues of decompression illness (DCI) in one of our previous blog articles, now we go into what to do if it happens to you. Read more here if you missed the previous article Decompression sickness and scuba diving. Do you know what to do in case (God forbid) you get the decompression illness... Reed More

Diving With Mola Mola

Scuba Diving with Mola Mola in Padangbai

The absolutely unmistakable mola mola

Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish, is one of the reasons why diving in Bali is so attractive. It is the heaviest known bony fish in the world weighing up to impressive 1000kg. It can be found in many tropical oceans all around the globe. Molas usually live too deep for recreational divers to spot them. However every year for a co... Reed More



A fresh approach to shopping

A wetsuit protects your body from excessive cold temperature when you are diving. As you go deeper, water absorbs heat from your body up to 25 times faster than air. Adequate protection from cold is necessary to prevent hypothermia, which usually happens when your body is exposed to water temperature below 32° Celsius (90° F). Wets... Reed More

To Pee Or Not To Pee While Diving

To Pee Or Not To Pee While Diving

Be Safe! Hydrate!

Well from our many years of experience with diving in Padangbai we dare say that there is a third type too. Divers who neither pee in the wetsuits nor do they lie about it. But hey, we are not judging anyone. In our previous blog article we have explained that it is perfectly normal to have the urge to pee while diving. It’s the body’s natural reac... Reed More