How to Master Underwater Navigation

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Mastering Underwater Navigation

Proper scuba diving requires you to master a number of techniques including the ability to navigate underwater. When people talk about going underwater to witness the majestic views of marine life, they mainly discuss the preparation of diving equipment, how to maneuver in the water, and how long the breathing technique can help them... Reed More

How to Perform a Safety Check Before Scuba Diving

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Diving Fundamentals - The Buddy Check

Every diver that is ready to go for a dive with a friend should never get in the water without checking that all his diving equipment is correctly set. This procedure is called a buddy check because firstly you should not dive alone and secondly, it is easier to check things as a pair. In a pre-dive buddy check one diver will ch... Reed More

Why You Should Continue Your Scuba Diving Education

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Gear up for diving course in Bali, and explore yourself!

It is said that as long as one lives, they will never cease to learn. That is if that person will wish to do so. Continuous learning is beneficial also when it comes to scuba diving. When diving in the sea or any open water, which represents a wild environments that will never be fully controlled, you can neve... Reed More

What is a Nitrogen Narcosis?

Scuba Diving Fenomena Nitrogen Narcosis Explained

Seeking knowledge creates courage

Scuba diving is an amazing activity and a hobby worth pursuing for many reasons. However, as this sport is conducted in an underwater environment not natural to humans, there may be some risks attached. One of them is nitrogen narcosis. While it may sound like something fatal, this condition funnily enough gives you all the good sen... Reed More

How To Defog Your Diving Mask

How To Defog Your Diving Mask

Tips for preventing mask fog

There is nothing more exciting than a new diving trip. When the weather is perfect and everything runs smoothly, it appears like nothing will ruin your day. Well, that is until your diving mask gets foggy. In a few seconds, the beautiful underwater world disappears, as thin fog covers the lens of your ma... Reed More