Scuba diving holiday in Bali

Scuba diving holiday in Bali

When in doubt, travel

Holidaying in Bali is all about enjoying a variety of diving experiences which could include some fun diving or a fascinating scuba diving safari. While on a diving vacation you will love the reefs on Nusa Peninda as they are simply stunning. The delight of going through the wondrously coloured coral gardens and the variety of fish and marine l... Reed More

Scuba Diving Bali in Group

Divers in Boat in Bali

Free your mind

If you’ve never enjoyed the experience of a group scuba diving trip, maybe it is the time to sign up for one. Same like traveling alone the Group trips offer many advantages and opportunities. Group diving holidays are very rewarding, allowing you to dive spent time with nice people, make new friends, save money and experience great diving. Here are few reasons why you might want... Reed More

Have You Ever Heard of Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence triggered by a physical disturbance

On many night dives with in Padangbai Bali when we take the underwater torch off and move our arms around we can see spectacular play of light. Where does the bioluminescence come from and what is the cause of it? Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism and is a type of chemilum... Reed More

Diving For Dummies

Scuba Diver wit school fish

Greatest idea. Ever!

Do you want to try diving but you're not sure? Maybe you think that you're not in good enough condition or that your inability to hold your breath for more than 15 seconds will be a problem. Let me tell you, it won't. I worried about the same things. I started diving less than 3 months ago and after the first pool session of my Open Water Course... Reed More

OK Divers Happy Bubble- Makers

PADI Diving course Buble Maker in OK divers pool

The Seal Team

Diving is not only about seeing UW creatures, we also do it to have a lots of FUN and honestly when did you last time did a somersault or blow bubbles just for fun? We had the most FUN with 3 little bubble makers last day at our pool. It’s for sure that when the BIG guys are having fun the little one can have it too. Common try it on your next dive a bit. Here are some... Reed More