Fascinating Facts About Manta Rays

There are many amazing dive sites around Bali. However, if you want to dive or snorkel alongside magical manta rays, there is only one place you need to go: Manta point at Nusa Penida attracts these friendly giants all year round. Before you embark on this exciting scuba diving trip, we invite you to get to know the manta a little better. Here are some of the many interesting facts about manta rays:

1. Mammal or fish?
Many mistakenly consider mantas to be mammals. In reality, they are fish, belonging to the same class (Elasmobranchii) as sharks, and other species of ray.

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Have You Heard of Ghost Fishing?

Threat of Ghost Fishing Nets and How Can We Help

Ghost fishing has received much attention in the past couple of years, especially due to the way it threatens marine animals. People have been leaving discarded fishing gear in water bodies for a long period of time. Both marine animals as well as birds can get trapped in these fishing lines. They also tend to swallow all the fishing related debris, which can lead towards injuries and distress in the long run. Some of them might have to experience painful deaths after suffering for several hours.

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Scuba Diving Under The Triggerfish Attack

How to scuba dive safely

There is one simple rule every diver should know and respect - limit the interactions with the marine life ideally to zero contact. Underwater animals and plants have been there for millions of years, while humans have found home on land. As cute as many of them might look, there are several good reasons why we should not touch or harass marine life. Direct interaction might be allowed (or even necessary) only in case of an official scientific research such as tagging certain fish or during rescue activities.

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Diving With Manta Rays

A Date With The Gentle Giants

Let me tell you one thing straight away – nothing can prepare you for this experience. It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 dives or a hundred, meeting these graceful creatures face to face will leave you breathless (metaphorically speaking). Manta Rays are one of the main reasons why many people come diving to Bali. However you don’t have to be a scuba diver to enjoy a magical encounter with these friendly giants.

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What You Didn’t Know About Nemo

OK Divers presents the underwater world of Padangbai

Anemonefish, or more commonly referred to as clown fish, are native to the warmer waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. You can spot them quite easily when diving in Padangbai too. Thanks to the cute animated movie Finding Nemo, this little fish has become very popular and sought after even by scuba divers.

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The Colorful World of Nudibranchs

Enjoy The Nudibranch Of Padangbai With Us

Some divers say “the more you dive, the smaller you get” … Not that the diver would shrink from diving too much. The thing is that most people, when they start diving, are so overwhelmed by the amazing underwater world that they don’t know where to look first. Usually they look for the big stuff on the first dives, however the more they dive, the more they get intrigued by the little critters.

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How to Get the Perfect Underwater Macro Photography in Padangbai

Little help with macro photography 

Not all of us can break into the world of professional photography, let alone capturing world-class underwater macro shots. However, photography is not something that’s impossible for everyone to learn. Getting the perfect macro shot is not an easy task, but it is certainly posible with enough practice. Here are some tips for beginners to make beautiful photographs while scuba diving.

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