Dive in Bali With the Up to Date and Well Maintain Scuba Diving Equipment

Here at OK Divers in Padangbai we believe that the safety of our divers comes first so we choose to only use high quality and regularly serviced equipment. We have a range of Aqualung, SeaQuest and Scubapro BCD’s and have sizes to suit almost everyone, from Junior and XXS all the way to XL. We choose to use Aqualung and Scubapro regulators which are serviced every 6 months to make sure they are in proper working order. Our stock of full 3mm Scubapro wetsuits can cater to nearly all shapes and sizes and we have wetsuits for XXL Divers down to small XXS divers, we even have a small range of ‘shorties’ if full wetsuits are not your preferred thing.

All of our equipment is washed daily after diving as to get rid of any salt or ‘nasties’ that it may have accumulated throughout the day. If you choose to bring all of your own equipment that is not a problem at OK Divers either, storing it here is too easy with our large equipment room. We have a large outdoor drying area and we are more than happy to put your gear away for you in the evening, ready for another day of amazing diving in Bali.



OK Divers Equipment

Komang Our Equipment Manager

Our amazing Komang looks after all the equipment at Ok Divers and makes sure there is air in our tanks for the next dive. One of the newest members to the team komang has quickly become part of the family and is always willing to help out anywhere he may be needed. A fast learner she has learnt to help with servicing equipment and looking after the compressors at the same time making sure everyone’s equipment is clean and put away in its proper spot.