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Try to jump in on most dive sites these days and you are sure to find at least one person armed with an underwater camera but the needs of an Underwater Photographer differs to those of other divers. Special interests, time you have to spend on your subjects, expertise and the knowledge of the local marine life and environment. At the dive centre side, photographer friendly facilities are all critical factors when it comes to deciding where to travel for your next photo-diving holiday. OK Divers in Padangbai don't only recognise all of this, we go out of our way to bring you the best photographic experience and guided trips so your photos are able to get that serious wow factor!

Diving With a Private Dive Guide in Bali

Indonesia and especially Bali has just about everything you could ever hope to find underwater. Each area has a different focus so no matter what your passion underwater, you will find a photo location that is simply sublime. At Ok Divers we have excellent facilities for photographers and videographers as we have built our dive centre with photographers and videographers in mind. Your photo equipment can be cleaned separately from the dive gear so when you are coming back from a dive you can be sure you will be able to avoid any risk of sand or dirt. Every underwater photographer remembers a time when they are just about to take the perfect picture you came for and all of sudden there is cloud of sand coming in your direction from your diving buddy who is trying to have a better view or the time you still have 100 Bar in your tank but you have to go up as someone else in the group is running low on air. We are sure it must have been very frustrating.

While diving with OK Divers we offer you the option to pre-book a dive with your own private dive guide for an extra fee to ensure the best quality experience. Your personal dive guide will be there only for you and he will do his best to find your marine creature of interest and adjust the dive to your special needs. It also means that if you want to take 25 minutes getting your perfect shot you are more than welcome, no problems at all, there is no one else in your group. Whether you decide to come for one or ten days we are more than happy to look after you and help to deliver the picture you are looking for. If your fields of interest are wide it is no problem for us to organise a dive safari around Bali just for you, all you need to do is send an email or such for more details.


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