Transport in Bali - Bali Diving Resort Facilities

Transport in Bali - Bali Diving Resort Facilities

We know how difficult it is to get around Bali. If you want to skip the price discussions and bargaining with local Bali drivers and travel in comfort and style, our drivers will do the service for you. Whether you need an Bali airport pickup, transport to Bali dive sites and locations, day trips or even a driver for full or half-day charter, we will secure your wanders around the island of Bali.

Resort facilities - Convenient & hassle free transport in Bali

Just let us take the stress out of your Transport in Bali

Besides multiple cars, we also have our OK Divers bus ready to take care of large or small groups of guests traveling in Bali. Able to comfortably seat up to 12 people with all your luggage, we can conveniently take you anywhere in Bali you need. From here you’re almost there and from there you're almost here.



OK Divers Bus Driver

Pak Nesa our head driver

Pak Nesa is our amazing bus driver. Operating buses and coaches for as long as anyone can remember, Nesa is one of the most experienced drivers in Bali. With his extensive knowledge of the roads and amazing Balinese driving techniques he is able to find his way anywhere and maneuver out of any driving situation in the safest manor. With our diving bus and Nesa behind the wheel any drive is guaranteed to be pure bliss.