OK Divers Scuba Diving Swimming pool

Life Is Cool In The Pool!

Our front pool has been designed with diving in mind, with a shallow section to get all those new skills from your Open Water course perfect and a large 2.7m deep section, which unlike others you are actually able to practice diving in without your tank sticking out of the water. When designing the pool some extra features were added and from our air-conditioned classroom you are able to get a view into our crystal clear water or maybe even get one of our staff to take some photos of your first diving experiences.

Relax-Enjoy-Recharge or Take a Dive

If friends and family are on holiday in Bali with you and scuba diving is not their hobby, then all guests at our restaurant are more than welcome to use the facilities and relax in or beside the pool in one of our comfortable sun beds while you are out exploring what scuba diving in Bali has to offer.

As you walk into our atrium behind the restaurant you will find yourself surrounded by tropical palm trees making you feel like you are in a little jungle. Here you can find our guest rooms as well as the second pool designed for your leisure activities. Thanks to the depth of 1.6m in the deeper part you can actively swim while the shallower part is suitable for relaxing and sunbathing. If you feel like having a bit of refreshment you can get a cocktail at our pool bar and drink it either on a deckchair nearby or even inside the water while cooling yourself down. Since we are a family resort, we care about the comfort of our little visitors too! Your children can play in the shallow part of the pool or in the atrium area.



OK Divers Scuba Diving Swimming pool OK Divers Scuba Diving Swimming pool OK Divers Scuba Diving Swimming pool OK Divers Scuba Diving Swimming pool