Puri Jati Bali Dive Site

Puri Jati Bali Dive Site

Puri Jati dive site is sloping sand hosting an amazing array of creatures which are to be able to either blend in completely with the soft dark sand, or appear or disappear into it at will. Macro marine life is well adapted to it’s environment. With many of these critters you may quite easy find yourself looking directly at them without realising they are actually there.

Macro Bali diving

Initially diving at Puri Jati dive site can feel a bit confusing as there seem to be no major features with which to orientate yourself. However every diver once diving Puri Jati several times will start to discern where he is and will be able to navigate this dive site. Puri Jati is probably the shallowest of Bali dive sites generally less than ten meters depth and therefore dive times could be and usually are quite long. It is mostly the hunger or bladder pressure that makes divers head back to the beach.

Long dives in Bali

Some of our dives over there are easy nearly couple of hours long and average dive times are often well over 60 minutes. Once you get used to diving in Puri Jati you will notice changes in activity at different times of the day and in our experience the six hour period from about nine in the morning to around three in the afternoon seems to be the most active and provide the best chance of seeing the largest variety of critters.

Why to dive at Puri Jati Bali dive site?

  • It is land of octopuses - coconut, blue-ring, wonderpus, and mimic octopus can be seen here
  • Great dive site for macro photographers
  • Great biodiversity with many rare marine creatures
  • One of the top macro diving in Bali
  • Thousands of small cup corals that litter the sand
  • Beloved by underwater photographers
  • Interesting backdrop created by dark sand
  • Long-lasting dives guaranteed
  • Great exotic weather in Bali
  • Easy to dive, enjoyable to explore

Peak Performance Buoyancy specialization

  • It’s a must if you are interested in underwater photography, especially macro
  • Excellent buoyancy control is what defines skilled scuba divers and makes for better diving vacation
  • Swim effortlessly, use less air and move underwater easily
  • A better way of observing underwater life without disturbing their surrounding

Things you will learn on PPB specialization in Bali?

  • Weighting guidelines
  • Trim your weight system and equipment so you can be perfectly balanced in the water
  • How to save energy, use air more efficiently and move more smoothly through the water
  • Hover effortlessly in any position – vertical or horizontal

If you have any questions about diving in Puri Jati, please contact us.

Price of diving in Puri Jati includes diving lunch in our restaurant The Colonial.
The restaurant is situated just next to our swimming pool and you can read the reviews here on Tripadvisor.
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Duration: 6am - 8pm
Dives: 2

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