PADI Bubble Maker Bali Diving Experience

PADI Bubble Maker Bali Diving Experience

Bubble Maker is OK Divers best way to introduce children to the PADI style of scuba diving in Bali. It’s fun, easy and safe. Youngsters can join in the family fun of scuba diving vacation or even start a trend! Children joining the program should be comfortable in the water, but they don’t have to be super swimmers. With kids in mind, the maximum depth for this diving experence is only two metres and is conducted in the training swimming pool.

PADI structured scuba diving experience for Kids

No.1 Bali diving experience for kids

PADI Bubblemaker program gives kids a chance to experience scuba-diving gear like diving mask, fins, scuba tank, BCD and diving regulator in a confined-water environment. During this basic introduction to scuba - diving, kids will learn a bit about scuba equipment and the way it works than they get a chance to try it out. We teach them to equalize, clear diving regulator and mask all under direct PADI instructor supervision.  It’s fun, easy and safe.


During PADI Bubblemaker program kids get a chance to:

  • Experience what real scuba diving is about
  • Take their first breath underwater
  • Make their first bubbles
  • Learn about and use scuba diving
Duration: 1/2 Day
Dives:  1

What is involved in PADI Bubble Maker in Bali?

Typical sessions in OK Divers last about two hours. You sign up for your offspring, we gear them up, have some fun talking and we try how does it look and feel to be underwater. During the whole experience we provide direct supervision, introduction and explanations from an experienced diving instructor. Parents are mostly surprised at just how much fun it can be and just how much there is to do in a pool if you have never dived before.

What is included?

  • One hour tuition
  • One hour of making bubbles
  • PADI Bubble Maker diplom
  • Whole set of scuba equipment

Time shcedule for Bubble maker program in Bali?

The PADI Buble Maker Course takes approximatly 2 hours and starts any time during the day time.


  • 8 years old
  • Minimal swimming ability
  • Parental approval is required

How to book PADI Bubblamaker in Bali?

To book Bubble Maker program simply contact us or come personally.

PADI Bubble Maker Interesting Facts

  • Enrolling your child to a Bubblemaker will help you determine whether he or she is ready to become a diver.
  • It will be a family adventure that you and your kids will remember for a lifetime.
  • It is an excellent way how to keep your kids busy and excited during your vacation in Bali.
  • You will be able to dive together as a family and create beautiful memories together.
  • Watching your children learn how to dive will reveal you another side of them as you will observe how patiently they are studying.
  • Children will develop a sense of responsibility and learn how to take care of themselves and their diving buddy at the same time.
  • Divers always dive in pair and you will see your child becoming supportive and cooperative with their buddy.
  • Completing the experience will bring your child a sense of achievement, making your vacation even more joyful.
  • Your child will most probably see the underwater life for the first time, and you will experience this excitement.
  • Kinds from age 10 can already start their diving journey as an Open Water Diver.

Price of PADI Buble Maker Course prgram includes diving lunch in our restaurant The Colonial.
The restaurant is situated just next to our swimming pool and you can read the reviews here on Tripadvisor.

For more information about prices check out our PADI Diving cources price list.

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