Diving Safari around Bali 9 days

Diving Safari around Bali for 9 days

This diving safari package will be perfect for you if you’re short on time, too passionate about diving, or both. You’ll manage to enjoy 14 dives in the diving epicenters of Bali – Padangbai, Nusa Penida and Tulamben. This also makes this safari effective, because you don’t need to spend too much time driving far. Ideal also for underwater photographers, which will enjoy the macro life, especially around Padangbai. In between your diving days, we’ll take you to see famous water palace, king’s valley or sacred springs.

Book this safari if you also want to:
  • Have 14 dives in 9 days
  • Drink fresh coconut every day
  • Taste the most expensive coffee in the world (civet coffee)
  • Visit traditional village
  • Enjoy Balinese local cuisine
  • Trek in the rice fields
  • Bargain the price on the local art market


Where are we going to dive?


  • Where: USAT Liberty Ship Wreck, Kubu Ship Wreck - 4 dives (2 night dives) | What: ship wrecks, big fish, humphead parrot fish, grouper fish, sweetlips, unicornfish, turtles, garden eels, Napoleon fish, critters like pygmy seahorses, candy crabs, ghost pipefish
  • Where: Seraya Secret, Coral garden - 3 dives | What: macro, wonder and mimic octopus, Harlequin shrimp, frogfish, nudibranchs


  • Where: Bunutan, Drop-off, Pyramids - 3 dives | What: huge garden eel colony, pelagic fish – giant trevally fish, sharks, barracudas; ambiance, nice sea fans, frogfish; unique underwater pyramids, turtles


  • Where: Gili Mimpang, Gili Tepekong - 2 dives | What: corals, walls, big fish and white tip sharks
  • Where: Blue Lagoon/Jetty – 1 dive | What: macro, unique shrimps and crabs, frogfish, nice coral reef

Nusa Penida

  • Where: Manta Point, Crystal Bay – 2 dives | What: mantas, Mola-Mola (when season), turtles, trigger fish, sea snakes, giant trevally fish, tunas, nudibranchs, one of the best coral reef