Bali Culture and History - Bali Tour Vacation Special Package

Bali Culture and History - Bali Tour Vacation Special Package

One of the things that make Bali truly unique is its culture. If you do not have a lot of time but want to see the most of it, we invite you on this excursion with us. You will learn about  Bali island’s cultural heritages, see local traditions, experience the unique Balinese dance and if you wish, even learn how to cook the most “enak” (Indonesian word for delicious) traditional dishes!

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The traditional side of Bali

Day 1: Besakih Bali

Duration: 7 – 8 hrs

First off, we will take you to Tohpati village. This place in Bali is known for weaving and batik – a traditional way of decorating fabrics. In fact, this art form even gained the status of one of Indonesia's UNESCO heritages so it is definitely something you should discover. The next stop will be Kerta Gosa which is an almost unknown historical site. This complex consists out of two buildings: the court of justice surrounded by moat making it looks like it’s floating and the grand hall with a ceiling filled with traditional Balinese paintings. We will also stop by at the remains of the king's palace from the 17th century and learn about the ancient kingdom of Klungkung.

The highlight of this Bali trip will be Besakih temple, called the “Mother of temples” dating back to the 8th century. It is frequent place of ceremonies located under the holy mountain Agung. In fact, the biggest one not only in Bali but in the whole of Indonesia. Bearing in mind that it is located close to an active Bali volcano, it almost seems like a miracle that it has survived the tragic eruption in 1963. To finish the day with something truly calming and beautiful, we will take you to Sidemen village offering us a picturesque view of rice fields.

Day 2: East Bali tour

Duration: 7-8 hours:

A great thing about heritage sites in east Bali is that they are less-frequently visited than other ones on the island but still equally interesting. We will start our tour at Pura Lempuyang which belongs among the oldest and most sacred Bali temples. It is renowned for the magical view on majestic Agung volcano peaking from behind its main gate. This spot is known for famous mirrored photos, so it is definitely a place to visit if you want to take one. The second place where we will take you is the king's former summer house called Tirta Gangga. You will spend your time in a lovely garden full of ponds and statues and if you wish, you can even feed large carps that live there. Next, we will visit the Bali Ujung water palace, our favorite sightseeing from east Bali. Why? Because this peaceful park with a large pond is a beautiful yet very relaxed place without crowds of western tourists.

Day 3: Ubud Bali

Duration: 7-8 hours

On the last day of our Bali cultural tour, we will take you to a place which you definitely should not skip as it is the cultural hear of Bali – the city of Ubud. Before arriving here, we will first take you to learn about local handicrafts in the Celuk village. Here you will see the traditional way of processing silver.

Next, we will take you to the mystical Hindu Bali temple called Gunung Kawi.  This place will make you feel like you are in Indiana Jones movie thanks ancient shrine reliefs carved into the rock cliff surrounded by wonderfully green jungle. Small stone caves nearby the cliffs used to serve for meditating Buddhist monks, proving that these two religions peacefully coexisted together in the past.

From  Gunung Kawi we will move to the Bali Tirta Empul temple. Tirta Empul is built on the Balinese holy springs, this is a place where for over 1000 years Balinese people did their traditional cleansing ceremony. We recommend you experience it too and learn about this Bali ritual. Afterwards, we will take you to see the beautifully carved stone gate of the Goa Gajah temple. This 9th-century temple is a fusion of Buddhist and Hindu religion and you will find out more about these ancient beliefs.

We will finish the Bali tour with the traditional Balinese dance called Kecak. It is performed by dozens of men sitting on the ground and creating a melody with their own voices, dancing with fire and we bet that you have never seen anything like this before!

Day 4: Balinese cooking class (optional)

Duration: 8 hours

You will be able to get a taste of authentic Balinese cooking and learn to prepare your very own lunch. You will start at the local market, later cook with the traditional equipment and techniques and in the end even learn how to make the traditional Hindu offering called “canang” As a newly skilled Bali chef, you will receive a certificate and recipe so you can keep the Bali taste even after your return home.

This Bali tour vacation special package includes:

  • Lunch each day
  • Transportation to and from sightseeing locations
  • Entrance fees
  • Refreshments on trips
  • Tax & local fees

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