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Best of Bali - Bali Diving Vacation Special Deal

Bali or the Island of the Gods is an unique paradise for scuba divers looking for something different on every dive they make. Bali dive sites are surrounded by not one, but two oceans which is creating rare biodiversity for an amazing diving experience. Explore all of Bali's top dive sites with our Best of Bali diving special program from our diving resort in Padangbai.

Diving in Bali - 5 Best Bali dive sites

Bali is an extraordinary island. It brings together all needed elements for a successful holiday. Beautiful beaches, extraordinary volcanic reliefs, hills with rice fields and the authentic Balinese traditions and culture. This is our selection of 5 best Bali dive sites we have chosen for your ultimate Bali diving holiday. They are considered some of the best ones on the island and you should definitely consider to diving them.

Padangbai Bali

Scuba Diving in Padangbai is one of the best and most diverse around Bali. There are several very good spots for beginners and for advanced scuba divers. You can choose your dive site in Padangbai based entirely on you interests. More challenging diving sites with currents have a great opportunity to spot reef sharks, tunas, various rays, turtles and schools of fish. Macro lovers and underwater photographers will definitely enjoy the diverse macro life at Jepun, Blue Lagoon or Jetty.

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Amed Bali

Amed is a very good diving spot for macro and muck diving enthusiasts. The Amed dive sites stretch along the coast of Amed village. The two we usually dive are the Jemeluk Bay and Fish Pyramids. The north east coast of Amed should really not to be missed by any diver diving in Bali. Due to its close proximity of the Mount Agung volcano, the sand in Amed is black and it makes very unusual contrast with the colourful corals and marine life. Whether you go diving Jemeluk or Pyramids, the transfer part from the beach to the dive site is done by a traditional boat Jukung.

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Manta Point Nusa Penida

Manta Point dive site is situated in Nusa Penida and you can dive it and see manta rays all year long. Nusa Penida is an island southeast of Bali and the boat trip there from Padangbai offers beautiful coast scenery you will definitely enjoy. Manta Point coastline consists of dramatic limestone cliffs that descend straight into the ocean and form amazing Bali dive site and cleaning station for manta rays. Manta Point is definitely the best diving spot in Bali for an unforgettable experience of swimming with manta rays. The second dive is usually done at Crystal Bay. Crystal Bay Nusa Panida is one of the few places in the world where in between July and October, you can dive with Mola Mola. The water in Crystal Bay is almost always crystal clear and the coral reefs are alive and full of marine life.

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Gili Mimpang and Tepekong Bali

Strong currents are a thing that often defines the diving at Gili Mimpang or Tepekong. Of course currents can make the diving quite challenging, yet they brings here the rich variety of marine life. Both of the Gilis (islands) consist of lovely swim-throughs, walls and slopes covered in coral. We recommend this two Bali dive sites always as highlight of Bali diving for experienced divers. Big pelagic, sharks and Mola Mola in season are very common companion on most of the dives here. If you are looking for great diving underwater adventure you have found the right dive sites.

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Tulamben Bali

Tulamben biggest attraction Liberty Ship Wreck sunk more than 60 years ago. Tulamben dive sites  are one of the most popular dive area in Bali. The USS Liberty Shipwreck is a 120 meter long shipwreck. This Bali dive site has something for everyone and is definitely the easiest yet truly rewarding wreck dive in the world. With great coral growth, light and usually very good visibility the Liberty wreck makes for an excellent photography dive. For every traveling diver looking to do some underwater exploration in Bali will find Tulamben like a perfect diving destination.

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This diving package includes:
  • 5 days of diving in Bali, 2 guided morning dives each day for 2 divers
  • Nitrox for certified divers
  • Scuba equipment
  • Refreshments between the dives (tea & cookies)
  • Lunch at our restaurant after the dives (set menu: main course and water)
  • Transport from OK Divers to the dive sites
  • Dive center facilities – showers, toilets, pool

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