Bali Tours - Besakih Tour

The treasures of North East Bali

Tour duration: 7 – 8 hrs
Min 2 pax required

Let us take you to explore the north-east Bali. We will start at 08:30am from our hotel in Padangbai and our first stop will be at Tohpati, where we will show you how batik is done and traditional fabrics are being weaved. Originally from Java, batik or dying is one of the national cultural heritages of Indonesia. You will have the chance to see “canting”, a technique used to create colorful fabrics by means of wax and a pen.

Our second stop will be the town of Klungkung, where we will visit the remains of the king’s palace from the 17th century and Kerta Gosa pavilion that used to serve as the court. We will take you on an exciting excursion into the Balinese perception of the underworld and the after-death punishments that await the souls.

From here this Bali tour will take us to Besakih – the biggest and most important temple complex in Bali. It is located under the holy mountain Agung and its origins date back to the 8th century. Besakih temple is also known as the mother temple. It is one of the busiest temples on the island but certainly worth the visit.

After visiting the complex, we will take a refreshing lunch break and then start heading back to the resort in Padangbai. We will make one more stop along the way –in Sidemen village to marvel at the vast picturesque rice fields.

If you would like to liven up your vacation in Bali with this tour, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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