• Bali Tours - Batur Tour
  • Get to know the arts, culture and the nature of Bali

    Tour duration: 8 – 9 hrs
    Min 2 pax required

    This exciting tour will introduce you to the Balinese culture, rituals, dance and other traditional arts. We will leave at 08:30am from our hotel in Padangbai and our first stop will be the village of Batubulan, where we will attend a traditional Barong dance performance. This dance is usually performed during religious ceremonies. We will explain to you the basic principles of the Balinese faith – the constant battle between the good and the evil.

    Afterwards we will continue to Mas, a small village where the beautiful craft of woodcarving flourishes. Next stop on our way will be the rich gardens of Seribatu village with many different plants and trees. We will tickle your senses with a small coffee and tea tasting. You will meet the famous civet, a cute animal that actually produces the popular civet coffee.

    After the busy morning we will continue to the Batur area. Mount Batur is one of the most active volcanos in Bali. It is not the biggest one in Indonesia, but it is an interesting art of nature. Adjoining the volcano is the large crescent-shaped lake Batur, all surrounded by the high walls of the crater rim. We will have the chance to marvel at the view of this mountain and of the lake, while enjoying a yummy lunch.

    Refreshed and rested we will slowly start heading back to our dive resort in Padangbai with a last stop in the beautiful temple of Gunung Kawi – Sebatu. This temple is one of the oldest in Bali. Balinese Hindus come here mostly during full moon and festive days to take a purification bath that will clean their souls from sins.


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