Food For the Bali Poor

In Bali over 80% of the economy depends on tourism. There are currently no tourists now due to COVID 19 situation and no one knows for how long. Many businesses and hotels have already closed. People have lost their jobs and often struggle to feed themselves. They need our help and since we are scuba divers we want to do all what we can to keep them “above the water”. 

Bali diving team determined to help

At OK Divers Bali, we have a established teams and facilities to manage the distribution of much needed help. Many of our friends have already reached out to us and sent money to buy food for the poor.

We have already successfully distributed more than 2447 food parcels consisting of the most essential foods.

It has been amazing to help our local community. We have created this web page as an opportunity for you to support them as well. Because the best friends are those that walks into your life when the world has walked out.

What do we do with donations for Bali?

After we receive and collect the donations, our team will buy food, primarily from local sources and create SEMBAKO parcels. SEMBAKO (in Indonesian SEMbilan BAhan poKOk = Nine Basic Ingredients or offten abbrevieted as Nine types of basic needs of the community) is basically a package of essential foods and soaps.  We will distribute the SEMBAKO parcels to the people around Padangbai and Mimba areas. We try to carefully select those who need it most. For this OK Divers staff have been of tremendous help, they know the area and people in the vilage and help termine those most in need of our help. Those who can pickup the SEMBAKO in our resort usually come in the morning and for those who are unable to do so, we make a personal delivery to their home. 

A SEMBAKO parcel contains:
  • 5kg of rice 
  • 1 liter of oil 
  • 15 eggs
  • 5 pieces of noodle soups
  • Bag of mixed vegetable 
  • Bag of tofu & tempe 
  • Tea or coffee
  • Laudry powder 
  • Dish washing liquid  

The usual price of one SEMBAKO parcel is around 10 Euro and it would give the receiver more than few days of food supply. So even a small donation can be of great help to a person in need. We have already managed to help hundreds of people, but we like to help many more. Since the start of the World-wide lockdowns, we have made an effort to have been proud of the fact we have been able to keep all our employees employed and ambrace thier skills which they usually use to please our guests, and channel it to help people in need in our area of Bali. We try to keep their spirits up and have discovered that extending help to a person in greater need than oneslef is to forget one's own problems and the best way to get over through these challenging times.  

How to organise donation payments?

Here are our preferred donation methods. You can use the option that is most convenient for you. If you have any question or trouble during the process we have team to assist you and help with anything. The main reason we use those four methods is primary because they guarantee the smallest amount of fees. The small the transfer fee, the more food we can donate. 

OK Divers Bali food program supporters  ♡

You can find your donation by clicking on OUR DONORS.

  • Transfer the donation via ePayment

The most convenient and fastest option. If you are not a fun of  bank transfers and you would like to donate as easiest as possible, then just send us a short email: reservation [at] and let us know how much you would like to donate. We will then send you an E-invoice from our DOKU Paybuddy system, which can be conveniently paid online with your VISA or Mastercard by clicking on the PAY NOW button which will take you to the secured payment gate. The payment is instant.

  • Transfer the donation via Transferwise 

This is a convenient and very reliable option that is way cheaper than regular bank transfer. Please check TRANSFERWISE on our website to see if your currency is available. The transfer itself takes a couple of days.

Our payment details:
Business Address: Jl. Silayukti 6, Padangbai, 808 72, Bali, Indonesia
Email address: reservation [at]
Bank Name: Bank Mandiri
Acc number: 1450011999113
Acc currency: IDR
Bank Address: Jl. Diponegoro, No. 49, Klungkung, 80716, Bali
Swift Code: BMRIIDJA

Please don’t forget to add our email address reservation [at] okdiversresort.comso we get notified about the transaction and we can ID the transfer correctly.

Remember to add a note DONATION!

  • Transfer the donation via Paypal

If you have a paypal account and it is your prefered method of sending money you can use it too. You can send any amount either in EURO or USD to our PayPal account.  E-mail is: paypal [at]

Please don’t forget to add a note DONATION!

  • Transfer the donation from an Indonesian Bank Account

If you have an Indonesian account you can send the DONATION to our Indo account directly.

Our Bank Details:
Bank Mandiri
Acc number: 1450011999113

Remember to add a note DONATION!


Please don't forget it's not about how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. If you have a soft spot for Bali in your heart, we are sure, the good will come back to you next time you visit Bali.

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