Dive NITROX be like PRO package

Dive Nitrox Be Like Pro Package

What is Nitrox, what are the benefits of diving with enriched air? For most divers, Nitrox diving is the first taste of Diving in Bali with exotic air and opens up a world of longer, safer dives. Divers who use nitrox while diving in Bali absorb less nitrogen, making them stay underwater for longer. They have less fatigue, longer dive times. and shorter surface intervals. 

Nitrox course for free

We have combined free PADI - Enriched Air Nitrox Diver course with 4 dives on Bali Dive Sites for astonishing price never seen before. Take a leap and make a nitrox splash. 

Just breath and contact us for more details if you have any questions about diving in Bali, Nitrox certification or our accommodation please contact us.

Free scuba diving equipment is included. 

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