The Divestyle For Your Walls Gallery

Life has changed dramatically in Bali and for all of us, no matter where we are, over the past few months.  As you all probably know Bali is closed for tourists already since the end of March. Many of you reach to us and wanted to know how we are doing. We were closed till mid July by the government regulation, but opened right away it was allowed to make sure, that our guest, who also live on the island or in Java, would be able to come.

Project story

We are working diligently and tirelessly to keep the entire OK Divers team, who we consider family, to ensure each household is provided with continuous income for food & essentials. We even established Bali Food Program to managed the distribution of much needed help in our area of Bali. We are constantly creating all the jobs we can - mostly small maintenance, painting walls, cleaning and refinishing rooms and the resort, cleaning public beach – jobs that require time, but minimal materials to provide income for staff and their loved ones, rather than the hardship of unpaid leave.

All of us are so happy for all your support and nice messages which we have received from many of you. We know that you are missing traveling, diving and Bali as well, so we decided to create an opportunity for YOU to have a little bit of Bali for your home or office.

Diving story in the frame

We know, that most of you love the underwater and Bali pictures decorating our rooms, resort, Instagram or Facebook walls, which we took during the dives with you or while traveling. If you like to brighten your lifestyle with our divestyle simply choose your favourite photo from our collection. Your purchase will not only deliver bit of beautiful Bali to your home, but it will support survival of OK Divers too. Every picture you buy for you, your friends or family will reinforce our chance to welcome you back next time.

How it works

There is more ways how we can deliver pictures to you.
  • Custom print on canvas with or without frame
  • Custom print on plastic board
  • Digital file

The price of the prints would depend on the size and the postage.

Average size of print 80x50 cm is around 100 EUR including the photograph and the printing, excluding the postage.   

The price of the digital copy is 55 EUR

We consider purchasing of the digital copy as the most convenient option espetically because of the delivery cost. After receiving the photograph you can use it on your electronic devices or print it in your local printing shop in whatever size, quality and number of copies. We usually send JPG if you are interested in other format just let us know.

We recomend: Click to enlarge the picture and then browse the gallery.
Ech artwork has its own number you need to remember when you would like to  contact us to buy any.

If you did’t find picture you like in our selection have a look in our bigger gallery for more.