Little Guide for Gili Islands


There can be different reasons that bring you to the popular Gili Islands. Is it because you want to enjoy a wild party that seems to never end? Is diving with the turtles right up your alley? Are you dreaming of romantic walks on long quiet beaches? Located between Bali and Lombok Islands, Gili consists of three different islands with each of them having its own appeals.

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Which wetsiut is the best for you.

A wetsuit protects your body from excessive cold temperature when you are diving. As you go deeper, water absorbs heat from your body up to 25 times faster than air. Adequate protection from cold is necessary to prevent hypothermia, which usually happens when your body is exposed to water temperature below 32° Celsius (90° F). Wetsuit comes in many different varieties, and here are some features you need to consider.

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PADI Master Scuba Diver and PADI Divemaster

What is the diference between PADI Master Scuba Diver and PADI Divemaster
PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the largest diver training organization and recreational diving membership founded in 1966. Their portfolio of courses and certifications is rather extensive. Several certifications may thus sound similar to each other.
One of the many questions we are asked at OK Divers Resort & Spa in Padangbai is about the difference between the Master Scuba Diver (MSD) and Divemaster (DM). The difference is rather big. In fact, these two certifications are very much different. Let’s take a closer look.
PADI Master Scuba Diver

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To Pee Or Not To Pee While Diving

Peeing in the wetsuit - Yes or No?

It is said that there are two types of divers: those who pee in their wetsuits and those who lie about it.

Well from our many years of experience with diving in Padangbai we dare say that there is a third type too. Divers who neither pee in the wetsuits nor do they lie about it. But hey, we are not judging anyone. In our previous blog article we have explained that it is perfectly normal to have the urge to pee while diving. It’s the body’s natural reaction to the underwater environment, conditions and also to the fact that you needed to stay hydrated prior to the dive. So like the conscious diver that you are, you drank enough water.

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What Makes Me Want to Pee While Scuba Diving?

Drinking and Scuba Diving

Let us assure you right at the beginning - the urge to pee during scuba diving activities is physiologically normal. For some people, particularly the beginners, this can be not so pleasant experience which might lead them to believe that they have bladder issues. The inexperienced may even try to deter from drinking enough water before the dive which is a mistake and still makes the urge to urinate even stronger. On one hand peeing while diving is body’s natural reaction, on the other hand however peeing in your wetsuit is not so cool. But let us address that issue another time.

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How to Improve Your Air Consumption While Diving

Breathe Less on Your Dives

I went diving in Padangbai Bali with our dive instructor Chris the other day. We had excellent conditions, almost no current, amazing visibility and huge schools of fish all around us. After exploring the dive site for some time he asked me how much air I had. I showed 60 bars. He looked at me funnily, so I looked at his SPG. It showed 120bars. Damn it! I didn’t want to go up so early, but rather enjoy the amazing dive for a bit longer. Why do I consume my air so quickly, I thought. Well there might be several reasons for it.

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What you need to know about Bali’s day of silence

Bali Nyepi Day 2017 – A Day of Silence

Imagine a day when everything falls silent; you don’t hear any traffic in the streets, no loud TV from your neighbor’s flat. You don’t need to rush to work nor to the supermarket. In fact you are not rushing anywhere. Today you are staying at home with your family and loved ones, using the time to rest and contemplate.

Too good to be true? Well, a day like this does become reality once a year on the island of Bali. It’s called Nyepi, and for Balinese Hindus it is one of the most important of celebrations. However, it comes with a number of rules that should be followed carefully.

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