Do you pick up rubbish while diving in Bali?

Rubbish on the beach

Stay green in Bali and be seen!

When we think about scuba diving, we also think about beautiful and pristine aquatic environments full of colorful corals and plenty of fish happily swimming around. But, to your surprise, as you dive you may find something else in the waters too. Shockingly enough, the world has been so polluted, that rubbish doesn’t avoid even the most beautiful Bali dive sites. You see, even if the garbag... Read More

Lila’s Bali Diary – part 5

Open water diver Book

How to pass the PADI open water diving exam in Bali

What’s the best way to spend your day off?  Well, of course on the beach reading the PADI Open Water Diver manual! With this mindset, I set the alarm clock at 8.30 am and mentally prepare myself to read the whole OWD book in one day. The little devil sitting on my left shoulder tells me, I don’t have to read the whole of it, because on the first day of the course, we watc... Read More

On A Female Note – Scuba Diving During Period

Scuba Diving During Period

Don’t overthink it, just dive in!

While (according to statistics) there are still more recreational male than female scuba divers out there, in this blog post, we will speak to the ladies. So, gents, excuse us, but unless you are ready to read about some sovereignly female issues in scuba diving, then we recommend you to have a read of some of our other blog posts. This article’s main focus is on menstruation and scuba div... Read More

Lila’s Bali Diary - part 4

Lilis Open Water Diver Course in Padangbai

The joy of scuba diving in Bali

My joy of scuba diving lasts until Laci tells us that the next day we are going to practice a second round of practical exercises in the sea, including mask, compass and self-rescue exercises. In the morning we all meet by the pool and Laci explains how to use a compass. I'm trying to suppress panic. I’ve always had a problem with orientation. I manage to get lost in a one bedroom apartment.... Read More

Lila’s Bali Diary - part 3

Girls on OK Divers Boat

I am floating weightless in the space

I slept awfully. I was constantly waking up and when I was up, I tried to breathe only through the mouth, without using the nose.  When I came to the pool at OK Divers in the morning, I felt terrible, but I was determined not to give up. "Laci, I'm taking a snorkel and a mask, and I will try to do the impossible here in shallow water." "Yeah, I'm just gonna prepare the bottles and I'll... Read More