Lila’s Bali Diary Part 8

OK Divers Green SPA relaxing girls

The Bali life of millionaires

I have never been a big fan of massages, wellness or spa treatments. On the other hand, my mom is a different story. She loves massages as much as I love food. I have always tried to be a good daughter.  So for a Christmas gift I booked a treatment for her in one of the most recommended Thai massage centers in Bratislava a few years ago. Unfortunately, she got sick and it wasn’t possible to ch... Read More

Lila’s Bali Diary

Lili in the OK Divers Pool

A tasty burger is what you deserve

People who know me well (but also those who don’t know me so well) know that my ,,relationship” with food is really special. In my case it’s just 100% true, that the way to my heart is through my stomach. I feel instant happiness when eating food. Or, to be exact, when eating GOOD food. My obsession with food is well known. A rather interesting story has begun to spread that if someone wa... Read More

How Clever Marketing is Driving Sports Enthusiasts to Try Diving

Scuba diver next to reef

Diving in Bali is best part of living

Diving is becoming an increasingly popular activity for water enthusiasts and travelers, and Bali is considered to be one of the best diving locations due to its clear waters and diverse sea life. With diving now an important part of the tourist industry, marketing strategies are being developed to encourage more sport enthusiasts to try diving. In an effort to attract more diverse cro... Read More

Dos and Don’ts of Scuba Diving in Bali

Dos and Don’ts of Scuba Diving

Show me the Bali diving rule book

Scuba diving in Bali is undoubtedly exciting and for recreational divers it should be a fun activity in the first place. But it is also complex and involves a lot of self-awareness and respect. Respect for your instructor or dive masters, for the boat crew, the other divers in your group, and last but not least you should definitely respect the natural environment in which you dive. Scuba... Read More

Lila’s Bali Diary - Part 6

Lila’s Bali Diary with Mantas

Next year, I will find you, Mola!

Manta point, Nusa Penida. During the 3 months that have passed since my arrival in Bali, I have heard from our diving guests at least a million of absolutely amazing experiences from this dive site. To be honest, sometimes it was pretty hard for me to listen to their stories (you see, it’s not always easy to smile at guests when you envy them so much and would immediately swap sweating on... Read More