What Is a Diving Logbook and Why You Should Keep It


A diving logbook is basically a small booklet with preprinted pages and columns where divers note information about their dives. Typically after a dive you would take information from your diving computer and write down data like date of the dive, dive number, dive site. To follow will be the information about weather and water conditions, the maximum and average depth, how long did the dive last and what equipment you used.

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How to build confidence in scuba diving

Find a Confidence on Your Dives

Scuba diving is a thrilling experience, allowing you to discover the wonders that lie beneath the water’s surface. Still, it is not an activity that should be taken lightly, because a proper level of preparation is needed to be safe while diving. Even with diving lessons, many people don’t feel too confident when they have to dive out into the sea, and not in the training pool.

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Diving With Manta Rays

A Date With The Gentle Giants

Let me tell you one thing straight away – nothing can prepare you for this experience. It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 dives or a hundred, meeting these graceful creatures face to face will leave you breathless (metaphorically speaking). Manta Rays are one of the main reasons why many people come diving to Bali. However you don’t have to be a scuba diver to enjoy a magical encounter with these friendly giants.

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How to Master a Frog Kick When Diving

Efficient Frog Kick The best Diving Kick

When you begin diving, you might feel overwhelmed at first and get the impression that you need to pay attention to and learn too many things right away. This is just a feeling that will soon pass. As with every new skill, it takes time to master it. Speaking of skills, how good is your kicking? Are you still using the good old flutter kick?

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Why Fishing Destroy Our Ocean And Planet

Bad Fishing Practices

From where we stand on the land, or on a boat in this case, the sea seems to hide an innumerable amount of fish and other marine resources. Ask any diver, and you will get a different –rather saddening answer. Bad fishing practices, both legal and illegal, along with the lack of strict rules, topped with our massive consumption habits are only a few factors that contribute to the rapidly depleting fish populations. Evidences of this issue are overwhelming.

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The Colorful World of Nudibranchs

Enjoy The Nudibranch Of Padangbai With Us

Some divers say “the more you dive, the smaller you get” … Not that the diver would shrink from diving too much. The thing is that most people, when they start diving, are so overwhelmed by the amazing underwater world that they don’t know where to look first. Usually they look for the big stuff on the first dives, however the more they dive, the more they get intrigued by the little critters.

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