Scuba Diving Under The Triggerfish Attack

How to scuba dive safely

There is one simple rule every diver should know and respect - limit the interactions with the marine life ideally to zero contact. Underwater animals and plants have been there for millions of years, while humans have found home on land. As cute as many of them might look, there are several good reasons why we should not touch or harass marine life. Direct interaction might be allowed (or even necessary) only in case of an official scientific research such as tagging certain fish or during rescue activities.

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Mouthpiece For Diving Regulator

How to choose the right diving regulator mouthpiece

Just like with any other activity, having the right pieces of equipment that will make you feel comfortable while enjoying what you like to do most is highly important. When you are scuba diving, among the items you have that count for your comfort but also safety is the regulator mouthpiece. Picking the right piece can help you better consume your air and also feeling more at ease while diving.

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How To Perform A Safety Check Before Scuba Diving

Pre-dive Buddy Check

Every diver that is ready to go for a dive with a friend should never get in the water without checking that all his diving equipment is correctly set. This procedure is called a buddy check because firstly you should not dive alone and secondly, it is easier to check things as a pair. In a pre-dive buddy check one diver will check the other making sure everything is right in a more efficient manner. Not to mention that it is a fun procedure that will keep both divers on the safe side.

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Diving Regulator Maintenance Tips

Do Not Neglect Your Scuba Equipment

Diving equipment is definitely not the cheapest accessory out there, yet your safety and even your life depend on some of this equipment. If they get damaged because of improper maintenance, not only will you lose the money invested into purchasing them but you can also put your safety in danger. One of the crucial parts of scuba equipment is the diving regulator.

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What is a Nitrogen Narcosis?

Scuba Diving Fenomena Nitrogen Narcosis Explained

Scuba diving is an amazing activity and a hobby worth pursuing for many reasons. However, as this sport is conducted in an underwater environment not natural to humans, there may be some risks attached. One of them is nitrogen narcosis. While it may sound like something fatal, this condition funnily enough gives you all the good sensations.

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How To Defog Your Diving Mask


There is nothing more exciting than a new diving trip. When the weather is perfect and everything runs smoothly, it appears like nothing will ruin your day. Well, that is until your diving mask gets foggy. In a few seconds, the beautiful underwater world disappears, as thin fog covers the lens of your mask, keeping you from seeing clearly. It can be a real bummer and ruin the entire excitement of a diving experience. Wish to know what can be done to prevent this from happening?

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