Protecting Manta Rays in Bali

Protecting Manta Rays in Bali

Work with us to save the sea

The crowd is mix of tourists and locals. They watch the crew of two Indonesian longliners to started dumping large fish over the sides into the shallow waters to be dragged into shore. Fish are dead already but the water still gets bloody as they throw in scalloped hammerheads, thresher, mako, blue, silky, bull, tiger and oceanic white-t... Read More

Hot news from Padang Bai White Sand Beach

Take a deep breath

Today was a special day for our guests and also for other visitors of our famous White Sand Beach. They were so lucky to witness turtles hatching on the beach and started to run for their new life adventure in the big blue home. It was fun and we hope that they will like our bay so we can see them often. If you haven’t been here yet, do not miss y... Read More

Bring Back The Sharks On The Reefs

Sharks are jawsome

Not so rarely if you jump in the water all what you can see is: no fish, bare rock and lots of sea urchins feeding on the algae. If you ever try to snorkel or dive in Mediterranean sea you surly know what I am talking about. This was what I saw when I jumped in to the water of the cost of Croatia for the first time. And I thought how beautiful it was. Simply I did not know an... Read More

Indonesian Through-Flow

Indonesian Through-Flow

The Fifteen Thousand Rivers

If Indonesia did not exist, the earth’s day would be significantly shorter than the approximately twenty-four hours to which we have become accustomed. This would have a dramatic impact on the clock industry, of course, and familiar phrases like “twenty for/seven” would have to be modified. But Indonesia does exist, and its seventeen thousand islands, together with a... Read More

Martin & Zdenka

Once upon a time in Padangbai

Sometimes you meet people and even you did not know each other before it feels like you have been friends like forever..One year ago when we first met Zdenka and Martin and heard their crazy traveling banana stories, drunk strange strawberry brandy and went diving together it definitely was like we have done it thousand times already. S... Read More