Martin & Zdenka

Sometimes you meet people and even you did not know each other before it feels like you have been friends like forever..One year ago when we first met Zdenka and Martin and heard their crazy traveling banana stories, drunk strange strawberry brandy and went diving together it definitely was like we have done it thousand times already. So when they told us about their plan to come back to Bali and do dive master course with OK Divers you can only imagine how enthusiastic we were when we first heard of it. Six weeks of fun and great diving!After few month of tuning up the details across half of the world we managed to put the distance behind us and at the end of the March we picked both of them up in Denpasar.

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OK Divers new Bubble makers in Padangbai

Diving is not only about seeing UW creatures, we also do it to have a lots of FUN and honestly when did you last time did a somersault or blow bubbles just for fun? I had the most FUN with 3 little bubble makers last day at our pool. It’s for sure that when the BIG guys are having fun the little one can have it too ;-) Common try it on your next dive a bit ;-) Here are some of our pictures from our fun with torpedo.

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