Fish served on table

You have the power, to stop animal cruelty this hour!

Fish and everything else listed under the seafood menu are delicious treats. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are unaware that fish are one of the last few animal resources harvested in the wild by humans, often in big commercial scale. There is an outdated notion that the marine resources are infinite and there is no way humans can out-consume them. Fish are renewable resources indeed, but the perception that they can always outgrow us is entirely wrong. The mentality of “infinite resources” is however still common in society. Moreover fish are simply considered food on the table swimming in butter and slices of lemon instead of living creatures that play a major role in the ecosystem.

Help us to protect the marine life

A long time ago when the world was not so densely populated, the sea could probably provide all that we needed. Our great-great-grandparents could take as many as they needed and marine resources would still be abundant. The human population was small back then, but now there are more than 7 billion people with a massive appetite. Unlike humans, who stand on top of the food chain, fish are the prey. Having been hunted massively for decades, there just isn’t enough of them left in the sea now. The human race is a very ambitious one, to the point where large-scale fish extraction from the sea is the norm. Let us not forget that modern fishing methods are way more advanced compared to those centuries ago. Cod, tuna, herring, halibut, swordfish, and many others stand no chance against modern days fishing nets and fishing boats with tons of capacity.
Evidences for rapidly depleting marine resources are right in front of us. In tropical areas, there was once a very common coral reef permanent resident called the Merou or grouper fish. They were curious animals, rather big, and an important part of the coral ecosystem. Unlike other big elusive fish in the sea, Merou has a very tasty meat and also is easy to catch. Grouper fish are still around now, however on the brink of extinction. What makes things worse is that the human appetite continues to grow and fishing companies know no boundaries. What the consumers don’t realize is that nowadays many of those served on your plate never had their chance to reproduce. The same thing is happening to tuna or other larger species.
If people think that by eating fish they will have a healthier diet, this is no longer true either. Due to heavy industries, growing pollution and conglomerates’ neglect, the fish meat contains all sorts of heavy metals.
For all the above reasons our restaurant at OK Divers in Padangbai is no longer serving fish and seafood. In addition, not only are we passionate about scuba diving we also care deeply for the underwater life - around Padangbai or elsewhere. Nonetheless we do realize that alone we can’t make the oceans full of fish again. What we hope is to at least inspire the many guests and divers who come to our dive resort and together make a difference.
If you care just a tiny bit about what world you and the generations to come will live in, we urge you to join our efforts and make wise choices of the food you put on your plate.

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