Why Finding The Perfect Dive Buddy Is Crucial

True friends are best supporters in difficult times

The so called buddy system is considered a preventive measure in scuba diving. A group of two or three people is constantly packed together in a scuba diving activity to avoid accidents or improve the chance of survival in case of accidents. There are many possible scenarios where divers need assistance from others to survive, for example out-of-air emergency and navigation problems. When speaking of recreational diving, buddy system is mostly a pair of divers because when the group consists of three divers, one of them can easily lose attention of the other two. A group of divers with more than three members is not using buddy system.

Diving Buddy System

To minimize the possibility of emergency situation occurrence, you need to find a dive buddy which complements your skills, interests, and pace. It is like finding a pair in tennis doubles where supporting each other is crucial to win a match. You want to find a perfect dive buddy not only for your own safety but also because you want to enjoy the scuba diving experience at you pace and preferences. If you want to go scuba diving in Padangbai, or any other dive site, consider these following points when choosing your buddy.

Diving Skills

It is recommended to dive with a buddy that matches your skills including depth limits. It is an effective way to prevent one of you from forcing the other to dive out of comfort zone or take risks. With matching skill levels, you and your buddy understands each other, so there is no need to try something dangerous. Experiences also counts; when one is in trouble, the other can provide assistance. If you have to go with a better diver, ask your buddy politely to respect your limits and not put you in risky situations.

Diving Pace

Another important thing is to keep a relatively close distance, so your buddy can provide immediate assistance when necessary. If your buddy swims faster, you have to keep on looking forward and this eliminates your chance to enjoy your scuba diving adventure. You also ruin your buddy’s fun time because he/she has to stop and wait for you. Choose a dive buddy with comparable pace, so both of you have great times underwater at the same time.

Scuba Diving Interest

If you dive to look for sharks or stingray, while your body loves to see corals and seabed, it can be difficult to stay together as a team underwater. Discuss everything prior to going diving, and tell your interest to several potential buddies. Do not go with random buddy, because it not olny ruins your adventure and is potentially dangerous too.

In most recreational diving resorts, you will go underwater with a dive instructor. While scuba diving in Padangbai with OK Divers, a diving instructor will constantly look out for you and adjust to your skill levels. A professional instructor is always a perfect buddy regardless of your interest and pace.

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