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Top Tips for Liveaboard Packing

Indonesia has some of the world’s best diving locations to offer. Some of them are not accessible from land or they are part of remote national parks and protected areas. A liveaboard scuba vacation is a popular way to get to dive and explore these Indonesian dive sites. Those going for a liveaboard scuba vacation for the first time should realize that they will be cut off from access to land during the trip. Although modern boats provide more than just basic necessities, such as electricity and foods, you still need to pack some everyday essentials so that you stay clean, healthy, and comfortable. Some people may think that liveaboard vacation is just like spending time on a cruise ship but this is not entirely true. Yes, some luxuries are available on the boat, but you have to spend times in a confined place which is smaller than a typical hotel room. This is why you need to pack only what you need, and leave the oversized luggage behind.

8 Things To Pack On Liveaboard Diving Vacation:

Our OK Divers Diving Resort in Padangbai has been organizing tailor made liveaboard vacations for years. We have put together a list of basic recommendations for you.

1. Diving Equipment

The liveaboards usually don’t provide diving equipment other than tanks. Nonetheless it can be easily organized with your dive center or dive operator to rent all the equipment, so that you don’t have to carry any. On the other hand, many divers prefer wearing their own gears. Read our blog post for useful tips when traveling with your own scuba equipment.

2. Two wetsuits, really?

Although some may suggest that it is more comfortable to always have one dry wetsuit to put on, there really is no need to have 2 pieces. Check with your dive or travel operator for the general conditions and temperatures and pack 1 wetsuit of suitable thickness. Also it’s a good idea to have extra layers of thermal protection.

3. Clothing

You don’t have to carry dozens of items of clothing. Liveaboard is meant to be a relaxing vacation. While you will meet other people on the boat, it is fine to wear casual outfits all the time. A couple pairs of pants, t-shirts, your swim suit and warm (fleece) jacket will do. What is important to realize is that even though the dive sites might be in tropical locations, multiple days of diving will lower your body temperature, so the jacket will come handy.

4. Underware

Bring about half a dozen of them for the sake of cleanliness and health.

5. Toiletries

Bring the usual toiletries that you have at home. You will feel more comfortable if you use your own toiletries. Refillable travel size bottles will do, you don’t need to bring along your 2litre economy pack shampoo.

6. Medications

In case you are on medication, bring what you need. When traveling to some countries, it might be wise to have a copy of the prescription, for a resupply, and just in case the customs officers would be wondering. Given the fact that you will most probably do 3 - 4 dives every day while on a liveaboard, we strongly recommend you to bring antibiotic ear drops. Ear infection can easily happen to any scuba diver, and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing dives because of it.

7. Entertainment

Multimedia entertainment such as TVs and DVD movies are usually provided on the boat. If you have to carry something for amusement, bring a portable music player or a tablet.

8. Digital cameras

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss on documenting your liveaboard adventure. Make sure the battery is fully charged and that you have packed a spare one. Liveaboards usually offer a charging station for your underwater cameras as well.
Thinking of going on a liveaboard vacation to Papua Raja Ampat or Komodo? Drop us a note and we will be happy to organize your scuba diving vacation.
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