Traveling to Bali With Your Scuba Equipment

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you rich

Some divers are lucky enough to actually live near the dive sites thus they don’t have to travel far and often to find good spots for their diving pleasures. The vast majority of divers however have to travel in order to enjoy a diving holiday. One of the burdens is that there will most probably be a lot of air travel involved. The flight itself is not a problem, but flying with scuba equipment might be.

Travel With Your Scuba Equipment

In most cases it is impossible to travel light, unless you are an occasional recreational diver who prefers to rent the diving equipment rather than purchasing a full set for a frequent use. To make your travel with your own diving equipment easier and less expensive, you may want to try these tips.

Pick the airline carefully

Every airline has a different limit of luggage weight, so ideally you should choose the least restrictive one available in your area. There is an accepted notion that the more expensive airlines are also more tolerant in terms of weight restrictions, while low-cost airlines will be very restrictive. Even if you have travelled with a particular airline before and found reasonable weight restrictions, you will want to re-check as the rules can change. It gets even better when you can find an airline that offers certain amount of luggage for free, but charges you if you exceed the limit. You can always weigh your luggage at home and do the math to figure out the actual cost. Some airlines even have diving packages, which means there is different set of restrictions for travelers who carry diving gear. Scuba diving gear is not lightweight equipment, so choosing the right airline can be a real money-saver.

Only What You Need

Recreational divers may not need to bring their own scuba diving equipment because they can rent everything from a diving operator on site. Here at OK Divers in Padangbai we have full sets of quality equipment ready for any guest. However for the more serious hobbyists, renting the equipment for every dive does not make financial sense, so purchasing a full set of diving gear is more efficient in the long run. When the time comes for them to travel, it is almost impossible to carry the entire range of equipment without paying too much on luggage weight. To minimize the expense, carry only what you really need and leave the heaviest equipment at home. You really don’t need to travel with your weights, now do you? (wink) Other items including the BCD or fins are also readily available from diving operators. Bring the most crucial gears such as dive computer, regulator and the diving mask (no hassle to find the perfect fit each time). The wetsuit if folded properly should not take much space or weight either.

Travel Often

Did you know that scuba diving equipment is now available in lightweight versions too? A full set of gear probably weighs about 11 kg or less. If you have to travel often, investing in this lightweight equipment can help you save money from paying for hefty luggage anytime you travel.

Other quick tips you might want to consider:

  • Get or borrow a special scuba gear bag with rollers and inside departments and pockets for efficient packing.
  • If you don’t have a scuba bag, wrap your most expensive gear parts carefully in your clothes and put them in the middle of the bag to. We all know how the luggage can be treated by the airport staff… 
  • Travelling with your own BCD might be tricky. You want to make sure when inside the luggage it is protected from being punctured by something sharp.

If you are like us, you probably hate packing for travels too. And while packing your scuba diving gear might seem like even a bigger challenge, just think of all the amazing diving adventures that await you. Especially if you come diving with OK Divers in Padangbai Bali


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