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To describe Bali is a simple word; you can say that it is magical. It is the most popular island in Indonesia, and one of the most visited places in the world. Unlike most modern tourism resorts, Bali still maintains its traditional culture which blends with the touch of modern civilizations here and there. When it comes to natural scenery, many things come to mind such as mountains, beaches, oceans, temples, and more. You can see all of those things in Bali, yet the island makes an impressive combination of those sceneries as if the island deliberately arranges everything in certain order for visitors to enjoy.

Visiting Island of Gods

Living in a place popularly known as the Island of Gods, Balinese hold a strong belief in Hindu religion. For Balinese, people must devote their lives to maintaining world’s harmony. An incarnation of this idea can be seen in Subak system; it is basically an irrigation system implemented in traditional way. This system consists of five rice terraces and water temples that cover about 19,500 ha. It involves cooperative water management mechanisms including canals and weirs. Subak system includes the Royal Water Temple of Pura Taman Ayun. Subak reflects Balinese’s efforts to maintain proper balance between human & human, human & the gods, and human & nature. This philosophical concept is also known as Tri Hita Karana. Subak system is now one of UNESCO World Heritage.

Pura Taman Ayun is only one of the many beautiful temples in Bali. The most popular one is called Besakih Temple (Mother of Temple). It has a complex architecture consisting of 23 separate temples. Gunung Agung, which is currently still an active volcano, is aligned with the Besakih Temple’s main axis. Besides Gunung Agung, Bali also has some other active volcanoes including Gunung Batur.

Apart from its beautiful sceneries, Bali is home to various traditional art forms such as sculpture, painting, gamelan (traditional orchestra music), and dances. Art performances in Bali often portray ancient stories from Hindu epics for examples Ramayana. Other popular art forms include dances such as legong, topeng, keybar, kecak, barong, and gong.

For most people, Bali is mostly known for its beach activities, and they are not wrong. A number of beach activities are readily available such as surfing and scuba diving. Beaches in Bali offer both quiet small wave suitable for sunbathing, open water swimming, jet skiing, or banana boats, as well as big waves for surfing. Simply put, Bali offers a complete range of tourist attraction for family, water sport lovers, and adventurers as well.


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