Plastic Waste in Bali

Do something drastic, cut the plastic!

Whether on land or in the ocean, the sad truth is that the plastic waste has become a pandemic. This is not a problem that you or anybody else can solve single-handedly, but everyone has the power to make a small difference. Small efforts of individuals to use less plastic will accumulate and combined could create a profound positive effect. Join the movement, try out these simple tips and boost your karma.

Tips on Reducing Plastic Waste in Bali

Cloth Shopping Bags

Plastic bags are a huge problem. Not only in Bali or Indonesia, the plastic bags are probably the item we waste the most. It is a habit of many supermarkets to supply you with way too many plastic bags to pack your shopping. They’re for free so why not take more, right? Then you get home and take the items out and chances are you just throw the plastic bag away. It happens over and over again for many decades, and now we are overwhelmed by plastic bag waste. Ever heard of reusable cloth bag? It is much stronger and they come in many different styles and colors. More importantly, they are reusable and recyclable. Keep some cloth bags by the front door, in your car, in your bike, or anywhere handy and you don’t need plastic bag anymore.

Reduce purchasing items wrapped or packaged in plastic

A grocery store gives perfect example that plastic is one step away from taking over the world. There are just too many things wrapped or packaged in plastic such as cookies, sauces, juices, eggs, crackers, cheese, and even water. However, sometimes it is impossible to avoid purchasing such plastic package. When you really have to buy those, at least avoid plastic stamped with #3 (Polyvinyl Chloride), #6 (Polystyrene), or #7 (Polycarbonate/Other category). Those types of plastics are more difficult to recycle and they pose more serious health concerns. Also consider buying larger packs of products. There is a new trend of supermarkets with unpacked groceries, give it a try if there is any near your location. You might be positively surprised by this new shopping experience.

Reusable water bottles, mugs & cups

From all the litters found on the beaches all over the world, plastic bottles alone make about 20%. Bottled water is more expensive than tap water, so save your money and the environment by using a reusable canteen instead. Good quality canteen can be used for many years, and they don’t contaminate your beverage with plastic toxins. They come in all sorts of styles so you can be trendy and eco at the same time.

Say no to plastic straws

At least 10% of all plastic waste found in beaches are straws. Just think about it for a second and you might realize that you don’t really need a plastic straw to enjoy your lemonade or cocktail. If you have to use one for any reason, get a stainless steel or glass straw. It is reusable and cheaper in the long run and most of all recyclable.  At our resort in Padangbai we have ceased to offer straws with drinks and we try to explain to our customers the reason why. Join us and become a no-straw ambassador. It’s easier than you think.

Recycle your old radios

Many, if not most parts of home appliances are made of plastic. Your old radios, worn keyboard, digital watches, and other appliances should be recycled to reduce landfill and plastic waste. Instead of throwing every old electronic away, bring them to a recycling facility.

Share your ideas

There are many more ways how to contribute. For example we at OK Divers Resort & Spa in Padangbai support a community recycling center in Ubud. We have our own staff going to the beach in front of our resort every morning and clean it from rubbish. We buy eco packs of supplies for our resort. We use eco-friendly chemicals and we recycle water. And more. We will be happy to hear about your experience and get more ideas. Please feel free to comment below what actions you take and help us inspire more people.

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