To Pee Or Not To Pee While Diving

Be Safe! Hydrate!

Well from our many years of experience with diving in Padangbai we dare say that there is a third type too. Divers who neither pee in the wetsuits nor do they lie about it. But hey, we are not judging anyone. In our previous blog article we have explained that it is perfectly normal to have the urge to pee while diving. It’s the body’s natural reaction to the underwater environment, conditions and also to the fact that you needed to stay hydrated prior to the dive. So like the conscious diver that you are, you drank enough water.

Peeing in the Wetsuit?

It is said that there are two types of divers: those who pee in their wetsuits and those who lie about it.

Naturally during the dive you will most probably get this annoying feeling and urge to pee. What should you do? To put it in a Shakespeare way: to pee or not to pee, that is the question. Well to be honest not even our team at OK Divers can seem to find common ground when it comes to this matter. And funnily enough the topic is one of the most popular on the dive boat too.

Obviously if you have your own wetsuit, the way you treat it is none of our business. That is of course unless you forget to rinse it in the ocean prior to bringing it back to the dive center. Rental wetsuits are a different matter altogether. At our PADI 5 star dive center in Bali we urge the diving guests NOT to pee into the provided wetsuits. There are always ways how to take care of this business prior to the dive or afterwards, and we believe that most of us are able to hold it for the 45 – 70 minutes while we are underwater.

If you do a boat dive and are not coming back to the dive center in between the dives, there are a few tricks on how to respond to the nature calling and we are sure the boat crew or the diving instructor will suggest what the best practice is. If you can’t stand it and need to pee really badly, well then there is no way of stopping you. However we strongly recommend taking the wetsuit off and give it a rinse before you climb back onto the boat.

Regular peeing into your wetsuit without taking proper care of it might cause you trouble, such as a skin rush, not to mention the unpleasant smell of the wetsuit. The urine can also damage certain parts of it like the seals. Nowadays there are plenty of special treatment products and shampoos to keep your wetsuit clean & fresh. So if you have a sensitive bladder, consider investing a few pennies into purchasing them.

So whether you are the 1st type of diver or you lie about it, we still urge you to be considerate – to your own wetsuit and health or to the divers using the rental equipment after you.

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