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Challenging but rewarding diving course

Surely we can all agree that scuba diving in Bali is a wonderful fun activity. On the other hand while enjoying this hobby, divers should be aware that anything can happen and that the sea can be a treacherous friend. You may have a countless dives logged in your logbook, that however does not mean you would know what to do in case of danger. We believe you would like to know what can be done if your dive buddy is at risk.

Why You Should Take The Rescue Diver Course in Bali

Instead of panicking and not knowing how to save another diver, the PADI Rescue Diver course in Bali will teach you how to handle emergency situations. There is another, more selfish reason to take the Rescue Course. It will help you build your own diving confidence and take your experience in scuba diving to a whole another level. Last but not least, this course itself is seriously fun and adrenalin, especially if you are trained by our skilled instructors at OK Divers Bali in Padangbai.

Who can become a Rescue Diver in Bali

Any diver that wishes to become a Rescue Diver in Bali should have the CPR/First Aid Certification acquired first (PADI calls this EFR – Emergency First Response) as a requirement to enter the course. Now, we are all aware of how important this certification is, because it can help you in a great deal of situations when help may be needed to save someone’s life. When scuba diving, just like in other real life situations, everybody naturally assumes that nothing bad is going to happen to them. We are not saying you should think negatively and be scared of everything, but being prepared for the unforeseen can definitely be a life saver. You never know when another diver may need your help. Moreover in some cases they might not even know that they are in danger, nitrogen narcosis being one of them. The experience given by the rescue diver course will help you recognize these diving situations and provide help in a timely manner.

Why to become a PADI Rescue Diver

When you have the right set of knowledge, you will know what to do, avoid panicking and act immediately in the right way. Many people tend to get scared and do all the wrong things, because they act instinctively and not from knowledge or experience. So, without even knowing, they may get their own lives in danger. The Rescue Diver course in Bali is a practical course, one could call it a drill, that will give you a very real first-hand experience. It will also give you the self-confidence you need to remain calm in every diving situation and handle them correctly, and not panicky.

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There can never be too much safety when it comes to scuba diving. There are unfortunately many things that may not go according to your plan, turning the dive into a potential danger. Having the knowledge of the Rescue Diver course in Bali will not only help you become a better diver, more importantly it can literally save someone else’s life. However, it is crucial to mention and realize that earning this certification will not mean that you acquired sufficient experience. That you will achieve only through diving often and refreshing your diving knowledge periodically.

We at OK Divers diving resort in Padangbai will be thrilled to do the PADI Rescue Course with you! Drop us an email  to find out when the next one is starting.

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