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For the regular visitors and backpack photographers, Bali offers limitless opportunities to picture nature’s beautiful sceneries. For divers, however, the island and its surrounding areas have treasures to be found underwater. OK Divers, one of the major diving operators in Bali island, is a prime example to show how diving in Bali can be both sport and real leisure activity. The operator is based in the village of Padangbai, a small resort compared to Kuta or Nusa Dua, yet it conceals majestic marine life such as sunfish and easy access to Nusa Penida where manta rays are common sights.

Diving in Bali with OK Divers

Unlike major tourism resorts in Bali, Padangbai is rather quiet and discreet. While on the surface this small town is not overwhelmingly crowded, the true beauty can be revealed as you go diving in Padangbai. This town is located 54km east from Denpasar and close to the more crowded resorts including Ubud (to the east) and Sanur (to the southeast). If you intend to start your Bali diving adventure in Padangbai, morning pick-up at the airport or hotel is available from OK Divers, allowing you jump into the busy morning traffic safely and comfortably on a 12 fully-reclined seat inside the operator’s exclusive bus. Transport to Padangbai is relatively easy and safe-driving experience if you intend to drive your own car.

OK Divers diving resort started everything more than 10 years ago. Now it offers myriads of diving adventures in world class diving sites in Bali. A scuba diving in Padangbai will be the start, but the operator is more than happy to take you anywhere to reach even the furthest diving sites by its exclusive purpose-built boat, Dipe Boot Too. It is 14m long and 3.5m wide boat with maximum capacity of 15 divers and is powered by three 250HP Mercury Optimax Engines to get you just about anywhere within an hour time.

It may take you days to cover every diving spot in Padangbai, but OK Divers can also take you to other places as you desire. An adventure of scuba diving in Bali is not complete without visiting Nusa Penida, which is easily accessible from Padangbai by our boat. As a matter of fact, this is maybe the best Bali diving resort OK Divers can give you. In Nusa Penida, there is very good chance to encounter the majestic manta rays in their natural habitat. Diving with mantas is a norm in the place, but it can be an unforgettable experience for anyone. Another impressive diving spot in Bali is Tulamben, a small fishing village where the wreck of U.S. Army Transport Liberty has its place to rest. In Tulamben, diving with sharks, especially the whitetip reef sharks, is not an uncommon occurrence. Other dive sites in Bali catered by the operator include but not limited to Crystal Bay, Blue Corner, Toyopakeh, and more.

OK Divers in Padnagbai currently limits the number of dive group to only 4 people per dive. From the perspective of tourism, this allows for more personal experience and better safety. It is also possible to cater for one person in certain places. For underwater photographers, OK Divers provide the proper tools and allow you to go dive with a personal guide to get better coverage of anything you see underwater anywhere.

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