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Have you been thinking of buying a new diving computer? In OK Divers we really like the new Suunto D4 Novo. We honestly prefer the new look of the D4i Novo compared to the D4i. Although the changes are more of cosmetic ones this time, it still gives the unit a bit of a makeover. The D4i Novo continues to be a great all rounder with plenty of functions at a great price. The Novo still includes three dive modes (air, nitrox and free), full watch functions, dive planner, partial dot matrix display, optional wireless air integration when used with a Suunto Transmitter, pc/mac interface cable included for use.

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Suunto D4i Novo - Silicone Strap and Colour Matched Housing:

Suunto D4i Novo Suunto D4i Novo

I did not really like the old suunto D4i straps. They were hard and were breaking much too often. The new silicone strap seams to be incredibly soft and comfortable to wear and it definitely wrapp around the wrist a lot more smoothly than an elastomer strap from before. Wy think the matched strap and housing is just great. It allows a consistent and vibrant colour to be used throughout the whole unit instead of the simple colour strap inserts found in the original D4i. The new D4i Novo comes in Black, Blue, Lime and White.

Suunto D4i Novo Suunto D4i Novo   

The other superb practical improvement at the Suunto D4i Novo are the metal buttons. They have nice polished finished in either black or chrome depending on the computer colour. Compare to they old plastic brother they just work and feel great. The rest of the trim such as the bezel and buckle are also either black or chrome to match.

Suunto D4i Novo Suunto D4i Novo     

 For us in OK Divers Bali the new look of Suunto D4 Novo just added to its popularity in our dive centrum. Have you seen this computer before? Did you like it?

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