How to choose the right diving regulator mouthpiece

Choosing a regulator mouthpiece

Just like with any other activity, having the right pieces of equipment that will make you feel comfortable while enjoying what you like to do most is highly important. When you are scuba diving, among the items you have that count for your comfort but also safety is the regulator mouthpiece. Picking the right piece can help you better consume your air and also feeling more at ease while diving. If you feel that something is wrong about the diving mouthpiece you use, you may have chosen the wrong piece for you. To make the right choice, here is what you need to know about this piece of equipment.

How to choose the right diving regulator mouthpiece


scuba diving standard mouthpiece

Standard diving mouthpiece

The basic or standard regulator mouthpieces are the cheapest you can find, being the ones found in the case of renting diving equipment. If you buy a brand new regulator that has a lower price than average then it is very likely to receive such a mouthpiece with it as well. It has two plain tabs on which you have to bite quite consistently, if you want to make sure that this mouthpiece remains in its place. Thus, these pieces tend to get damaged quite quickly. At least they are not so expensive to replace.

scuba diving long bite mouthpiece

Long bite diving mouthpiece

If you would like to feel something more consistent to bite on, the long bite pieces have quite long tabs, so such a mouthpiece can be a good option. But, do have in mind that they can be rather uncomfortable, especially if your mouth is small. Yet again, they are cheap, so you won’t feel too sorry about having to replace one.

scuba diving cushioned mouthpiece

Cushioned diving mouthpiece

If all the mouthpieces you tried up to this point are uncomfortable and feel hard in your mouth, perhaps you should try a cushioned one. They are designed to be more comfortable, keeping divers from the temptation to constantly bite on them. Still, their sturdiness depends on their quality, so if you opt for cheapest version, perhaps it won’t last that long. But, it will be a bit more comfortable in any case.

scuba diving bridge moouthpiece

Bridged diving mouthpieces

The bridged pieces, together with the tooth-covering and winged ones, are made to keep the mouthpiece in place. Still, they can feel a bit weird, as they connect all the tabs together, making them feel rather bulky. In the case of these pieces, it is very important for them to fit in your mouth right, because if not, you risk for your gums to be constantly rubbed by the piece during the diving.

scuba diving no bite mouthpiece

No bite diving mouthpiece

This is another mouthpiece that is made to prevent divers from chewing on their equipment. The design will make it grip on your lips, which should make it comfortable and stop you from biting it. But, in the end, it may be just a matter of personal preference.

scuba diving custom made mouthpiece

Custom made diving mouthpiece

With the help of custom mouthpieces, you can get the piece that will fit your bite perfectly. All you need to do is cut the piece at the needed length, submersing it in boiling water and biting on it to make it mold according to your bite. You may not get it right from the first attempt, but with a bit of care, you will manage to do it in the end.

No matter what mouthpiece you decide to use, do make sure it is made of high-quality materials, because this aspect counts a lot. If you plan on diving often, as with other parts of diving equipment, investing in good quality equipment will save you a headache, make you feel more comfortable and eventually save you money for constantly replacing the worn out parts.

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