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I have never been a big fan of massages, wellness or spa treatments. On the other hand, my mom is a different story. She loves massages as much as I love food. I have always tried to be a good daughter.  So for a Christmas gift I booked a treatment for her in one of the most recommended Thai massage centers in Bratislava a few years ago. Unfortunately, she got sick and it wasn’t possible to change the date of the appointment. Instead of losing the money for the expensive prepaid treatment, I forced myself to have a spa day. My experience was not the worst I’d had, but it didn’t cause me to fall in love with massages either.

Massage in Bali

My other experiences were associated with the smell of hospitals, over-talkative physiotherapists, and the lingering pain caused by a healed fracture of my collar-bone. Instead of a t-shirt it is proof that I’m the biggest fan of Bratislava’s electropop band named Purist. After 10 compulsory rehab massages, I didn’t see a reason why to book another massage again in my life.

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As the name suggests, OK Divers Resort & Spa also has its own resort spa. I have been avoiding this green part of the resort for a long time. In the morning and evening, I always greet the smiling therapists sitting in front of the spa center, but I didn’t feel the need to try it out myself. Hotel guests were booking treatments a lot. Also, it was becoming common that people outside of Padangbai visited OK Divers resort because of good recommendations from past guests, especially about the Green Spa.

I befriended one of these satisfied guests. Her name is Katka and she persuaded me to give massages one more chance. Katka is well known for her ability to enjoy life and she loves to spoil herself (for example, she will order a Margarita anytime of the day and no, I don’t mean the pizza). She booked massages whenever she had the opportunity and she was always super-satisfied ("Lila! It was amazing, you need to try it!"). After the massage she always looked happier than before, so I decided to do something for myself. I planned to book a traditional Balinese massage (why not try this while I’m still in Bali?!) on my next day off. When I found out it was going to be on Valentine's Day, I decided to go all out. I booked a Romantic Moments Package usually intended for couples, but for myself and my friend Lyn (Lyn is currently taking a PADI divemaster Internship at OK Divers). Since we're both single, Lyn was excited about this idea and I have to say, it was one of the best Valentine's days I've ever experienced (but sorry Lyn, I probably spent the best Valentine’s day playing Diablo III). To start our holiday off, in the morning we went to try some diving in Bali here in Padangbai. Then we went to White Sand Beach to relax the afternoon away. When we left the beach I didn’t really want to go for a massage, but Lyn was really looking forward to it (and it was my idea after all), so we came to the Green Spa at 7 PM.

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Two therapists (Yuni and Puspa) welcomed us smiling. The Green Spa in Padangbai is a tastefully decorated place with nice furniture. By the entrance, you can see many organic products (oils, soaps…) which you can buy for yourself or as a present for someone else. We were allowed to select one natural coconut aromatic massage oil from 10 different scents. It was not an easy decision to make!  All of them smelled so good, but I chose one with a green tea aroma.

Before the massage, Yuni and Puspa washed our feet with a soft peeling. Then we handed two kimonos and (very) weird looking disposable underwear. Lyn and I were laughing a lot while putting these knickers on. Yuni started with my legs (the pressure of her magic hands was just perfect), than she continued with my arms, back, shoulders, and neck. When she started to massage my head, I realized I didn’t want this massage to end. This feeling could have been amplified by the fact that the acoustic version of the main theme song from the Neverending Story was playing at that time- I’m not kidding. I would like to give the Green Spa a special award for the best playlist ever. During the massage, I asked Lyn if everything was OK- her answer? Just some happy sounds of pleasure (obviously, no words were needed). The absolutely amazing massage was followed by a hot bath. We both found a comfortable position in a big bath full of flower petals. Then Yuni and Puspa brought two glasses of wine and one bowl full of ice cream with fruit and two spoons. I have never had an experience like this before and a strange thought crossed my mind, this is probably how millionaires like Geissens enjoy their free time. 

OK Divers Green SPA girls getting ready for SPA OK Divers Green SPA food  

Unfortunately, this is not how Lyn or I usually enjoy our free time, so we asked Yuni to take some pictures for our mothers and then we just enjoyed the moment.

What lesson was learned from our experience? Thanks to the Green Spa, the life of millionaires is available to everybody at least for 90 minutes!

PS: My mom is really afraid of flying, but I hope that as a real fan of massages, she will find the courage to survive 17 hours in a plane and come for a visit one day. The Balinese massage in the Green Spa is definitely worth it!

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