Underwater Macro Photography in Padangbai

Capturing the Moments

Not all of us can break into the world of professional photography, let alone capturing world-class underwater macro shots. However, photography is not something that’s impossible for everyone to learn. Getting the perfect macro shot is not an easy task, but it is certainly posible with enough practice. Here are some tips for beginners to make beautiful photographs while scuba diving.

Tips For Underwater Macro Photography:

Get Closer

Some advance cameras offer long zoom range to bring any objects closer to you than they really are. Telephoto and macro are different things, however. The former lets you capture a tiny object in distance with multiple magnifications for macro you have to be usually very close to the object to harness your camera’s macro feature. Water contains countless small particles which may ruin your shot if you take picture from big distance, so eliminating as much water as possible between your camera and the object is a good move. In other words, get closer to the object you want to take a picture of.


Many underwater objects are constantly on the move, making it difficult to maintain focus. Most underwater cameras can lock focus, and therefore you can lock it to a certain point and then recompose to get better shot. If your camera has adjustable or movable focus point, utilize the feature. Good idea is to focus on eyes.


Background plays major role in photography. Many times you find yourself in a situation where you have the perfect object but with distracting background. In scuba diving we should not physically move the object or the background to your liking. Rather than ruining the underwater environment try to position yourself in the perfect spot. You cannot give instructions to the fish or coral so compensate that by fixing your own position.


It is certainly great to capture rare marine species. If this is your intention, you will need to study the environment, dive site, and the marine life underwater before you go diving. Sometimes, being a picky photographer leads you to miss the chance to capture other common objects. Remember every object from air bubbles to small fish can make great targets and you can capture them to produce breathtaking photographs for most people.

Local Diving Instructor or Guide

When diving in Padangbai, we at OK Divers strongly recommend to hire a local instructor or dive guide asit will make it easier for you to get a better picture. Our experienced diving instructors and guides recognize the marine animals and their habits and will point you to great places. You don’t have to waste a lot of time cruising underwater. The other good reason for having a guide on your own is that underwater photographers obviously have different dive objectives from fun divers. They often need to stay long minutes in one place until they are happy with the shot they have made. 

Underwater photography is a beautiful hobby. Nonetheless you should bear in mind that even when hunting for an award winning shot, you should be considerate to the underwater environment. Don’t lie on the corals and don’t hang on to them as you might cause damage that will take years to repair. 

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