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Whether you do scuba diving for fun or scientific research, you can consider it a sport. Scuba diving is not a cardio or otherwise intensive workout, it won’t make you run faster or lift more weight. However it does incorporate swimming, which happens to be one of the most popular sports activities in the world. As there is so much to explore when diving in Padangbai, you obviously move around a lot.

Scuba Dive and Get Fit

And you make most of your movement by swimming. The way to get from point A to point B in the water provides both cardiovascular and muscular workouts especially if you have to swim in current.

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Scuba diving makes you move through water, and let us not forget that water gives stronger resistance than air. As you fly in the water, all your muscles develop strength and your joints improve flexibility. Another important point is that you are encouraged to breathe slowly and deeply at all times. This is similar to breathing exercise during meditation which helps to induce calmness and relieve stress. According to the director of communication for PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), Theresa Kaplan, a diver learns to position the body as streamline as possible for efficient movement. Such training develops better posture, so diving is good for both physical and mental health.

Water-based workouts, such as diving and snorkeling, are low-impact exercises. The weight resistance training through all the movement is performed relatively at slow pace, and you don’t have to deal with heavy metal equipment commonly found in the gym. Carrying air tanks and other equipment is indeed necessary and not always easy, but water also supports the weight and makes everything feel lighter. The best thing about scuba diving as physical exercise is that you are doing effective muscle strengthening and breathing exercise without feeling the strain of typical workouts regime. There will be no excessive sweating, but there is also less risk of injury.

Similar to the more traditional workouts, there is no instant result after your first dive neither after the 10th. As you gain more diving experience, you will notice significant improvements mostly in terms of muscle strength and air consumption underwater. Certain muscles group develops naturally at steady pace for example legs, arms, back, and gluteus for more efficient movement. Scuba diving is an activity for everyone, however proper training is required to minimize the risk of accidents and to prepare the mental readiness in case of equipment failures, unexpected situations or facing other obstacles.

Diving in open water requires training, so you should definitely get a scuba certification from a reliable dive center before you start diving on your own.

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