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A wedding is meant to be one of the most special occasions in one’s life, and it is not surprising that the preparation alone can take many months. Some also choose to go the great length for the sake of making the day not only memorable but also distinguishable from everybody else’s. An underwater wedding has it all!  With a little extra preparation, an underwater wedding is a unique, fun way to say “I Do!”.

Say “I Do” Underwater

If a typical land-based wedding takes months to prepare, an underwater one will reasonably require more time and careful planning. As strange as it may seem, there is quite a lot of companies which specialize in arranging an underwater wedding for scuba diving lovers. These operators offer their services just like any event organizer. They make arrangement for the venues, equipment, foods, decorations, and more.

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Special considerations for scuba diving wedding

A wedding ceremony requires the couple to say wedding vows to each other. Although it is possible to speak into your diving regulator, no one would neither hear you, nor understand you properly. You can either rely on specially designed underwater helmets equipped with communication systems or full dive masks with the same system. The easiest way though, and for sure the cheapest one, is to use diving slates with vows written on them.
Just because the vows are “spoken” underwater, it does not mean that all your guests must witness everything from the same location. Most couples opt to see the guests in the reception venue, for example on a boat or a beach. From the reception venue, the guests can watch the ceremony via live video feed. All crews including for video recording or photography will of course have to wear diving equipment. Hiring your own underwater photographer/videographer can be a good idea, as you will surely want to document such a special event! If your friends are as addicted to scuba diving as you are, let them join the underwater ceremony.
While you don’t have to trouble yourselves with decorating the venue – as the sea is already beautifully decorated, do choose your dive site wisely. Your scuba diving wedding planner should know the good spots, without currents, and a sandy bottom where you won’t risk harming the corals or yourselves.
Saying “I do” while scuba diving is definitely and original way of entering the marriage. Nonetheless we would recommend surfacing for the wedding reception. ;-) The reception could take place on a boat or a nearby beach. Boats used as reception venues can be decorated for your special day. Operators allow you to use your own decoration during the event, but it can be a challenge to organize everything especially when you live far from the docking area. Always discuss any matter with your wedding planner to make all arrangements. Don’t forget to consider the number of guests. Unless you can afford to rent a big yacht, you may need to limit the number of people you invite depending on the size of your boat.  In case the boat is too small, you can always have the reception on a beach or in a beachfront hotel. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast as well as plan your wedding according to the tides. Poor weather and strong currents will only add stress to your special day.
If you choose to get married underwater, you can be sure that your wedding will definitely be the one to remember, both for you and for your guests and loved ones – and hopefully for all the right reasons. The underwater ceremonies tend to be rather short, so if you have enough air in your tank, you can go for your first fun dive as a married couple! You will also have unique wedding pictures to put in your album and show your friends who could not make it to the underwater ceremony. Ladies will definitely save on getting all the right accessories, matching shoes and jewelry. And most of all you will get to start the new (married) life with your loved one while doing what you love – scuba diving!
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