Night diving padangbai

Fears are nothing more than a state of mind

Scuba diving is an exciting day activity. You get to explore a totally different world underwater and see the many beautiful critters up close. Scuba diving at night on the other hand brings a whole new level of excitement into the game. We at OK Divers are huge fans of night diving and we would like to inspire all open water divers to give it a try. Read on to find out that there is really nothing to be afraid of when going night diving.

Night Diving Adveture

If you pay attention to your surrounding environment, almost everything changes after the sun goes down. If only we could see as clearly as when daylight in on our side, we could witness all kinds of nocturnal activities and transformations in the animal kingdom. The same thing happens in the sea where the diurnal creatures go to sleep in the holes and other hiding spots and make way for the nocturnal ones to own the night. Diving at night opens the doors to see all sorts of animals, and the underwater darkness is actually not frightening at all. On the contrary, the absence of daylight gives way to a different perspective underwater in a good way.

What can you see on a night dive in Padangbai?

Squid, octopus or cuttlefish stop their camouflage activities and wander around the reef to look for meals. A beam of your dive light triggers their defensive response and you can see them change colors to match the background. They can do this much better and faster than a chameleon. Coral polyps are waiting for prey. They don’t actually hunt, but their colorful polyps draw nutrients from passersby. The same thing can be said about sharks and sting rays. Although it is not uncommon for divers to encounter sharks during night dives, those big fish are more active at night.

There are no monsters in the dark

Some of our diving guests tend to be a bit scared prior to their first night dive as they are not sure what to expect. Often they think (to be utterly fair, I admit to have thought the same thing before my first night dive) that the diving torch will only enlighten a short distance right in front of them and that scary monsters will appear suddenly and randomly right in front of their face. Boo!! Don’t worry, scaredy-cats, it’s not like that at all. There are torches powerful enough to allow you to see several meters ahead. Actually even if you and your buddies turn the flashlights off completely, you will still be able to see each other’s silhouettes.

Don’t underestimate the preparations for Night Dive

All types of diving activities need to be properly organized and planned. In addition to the regular procedures and the codes of conduct, there are some important considerations and preparations for night dives. It is always best to choose a very familiar location or any spot you have dived before. Understanding the layout of the dive site gives you a navigational advantage when you can’t see clearly. Before you descend, make sure you practice communication with your dive buddy or group. Everybody should understand all hand signals and what to do after each signal is communicated. Diving equipment is the same as for day dives, except that you need to carry a diving torch – preferably two of them, one is the primary torch and the other is for backup. Most modern secondary dive torches are equally bright as the primary ones.
Do double-check to see if you’ve missed something before you jump into the water. Also be considerate to your buddies and don’t shine the light directly into their faces – for obvious reasons. Apart from these recommendations the night diving activities will be pretty much the same as during the daytime. As long as you do the preparations properly, there is nothing to be afraid of. In fact we assure you it can be even more exciting than the usual daytime diving.

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