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Start diving if you think you are born to explore

Gap years are a fun and valuable learning experience for all involved, with life skills acquired which could see you through a challenging period in the future. While diving certainly isn’t a skill which falls into that bracket in and of itself, it’s nevertheless something worthwhile getting into. owing to the additional values it offers. Here are six reasons why learning to dive on a gap year is a great idea.

1. Diving it’s fantastic exercise

For all intents and purposes scuba diving is just swimming under water for long periods of time. With water weighing more than air, it’s little shock it serves as a fantastic cardio workout. Reports suggest you can burn as many as 400 calories in just 30 minutes of diving, with it also proven lung capacity and strength will be improved while exercising at these immense depths. With most people knocking back a few pints over the course of their year out, it’s safe to say travellers could probably do with the added exercise to trim them down a touch.

2. Socialising with divers

Diving lessons don’t tend to be chocked full of experts. Generally speaking, you’ll be learning alongside a host of fellow newbies as you go on a new journey together. It’s perhaps unsurprising then that it’s relatively easy to bond and make friends with some of your fellow divers as you learn together. With the actual diving process itself also seeing you rely heavily on the ability to work together as a team, you could be in a spot of bother without your partners around. As well as that, whether the friendship lasts a day or a lifetime, it’s always good to get out and chat with people when you’re on your travels.

3. Scuba diving builds focus

In an environment like diving, being able to remain focused at all times is a crucial element to getting through it safely. In our day-to-day lives we become accustomed to distractions catching our attention at every twist and turn and diverting us from our true course. While building strong focus when diving is something that’s primarily a short-term effect, it could certainly also be argued it will help to build your long-term - focusing skills as you learn to remain zoned in on one thing for sustained time.

4. Diving helps you keeping calm under pressure

As safe and well-structured as most diving lessons and sessions are, it’s fair to say the activity does possess some stressful situations. Experiencing such a dilemma can help somebody to heighten their ability to keep calm under pressure. This is a skill which is associated with a number of very successful people and can lead to any problems you face throughout your life being made drastically easier to deal with.

5. Stress relief while diving

Can you imagine anything more serene and stress-free than gliding through the depths of the ocean amidst a horde of tropical wildlife? We can’t either. Aside from the obvious side-effect something that peaceful has on the body, it’s also been suggested deep breathing underwater induces a calm and relaxed state – balancing the nervous system and removing stress. All your problems will simply float away as you relax and embrace the crisp blue depths of a sea brimming with life.

6. Diving It’s Fun

Ultimately, and perhaps most importantly, learning to dive on a gap year is just a whole lot of fun. It’s a very rare experience to be able to take an in-depth look at exactly what the sea has to offer us, with new worlds and amazing new things to see under the murky deep. The majority of people have never had the luxury to experience diving first-hand, so why not go out and become a member of an elite club? There you have it; six reasons why diving is something worth doing on your gap year. If you fancy getting involved in this wonderful activity, then why not book a lesson today?

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