Best Time For Vacation in Bali

Bali, enriched with ancient culture and history, picturesque sites, warm waters and wonderful hospitality is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, honeymooners and people who love to go on vacations. Bali is a province of Indonesia and it is the western most island of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia. The lack of rain during the summer season makes Bali more comfortable for beach lovers.

Bali weather seasons

Bali is amazing all year round but there has to be a best time to visit. Some people like to visit places when they are quiet while others like to go when they are the busiest so they can enjoy the diversity of the people. Just like every other touristy destination, Bali also has a high time and a low time. Also, if look at the weather in Bali, then Bali doesn’t experience four seasons like most countries. Since it is at the south of the equator, it only has the wet and the dry season. Now, both the wet and dry seasons are hot and bit humid. The distinguishing factor between the two is the amount of the rain. The dry high season is the busiest and the low rainy season have fewer tourists.

The high season in Bali

The high season in Bali is the busiest because tourists and vacationers from all the over world come to visit. It is the dry season in Bali. The high or peak seasons usually come in during the summer holidays, easter holidays and then around the Christmas and New year. The months of December and January are also included in the high season. In christmas time the season remains busy mostly until the first week of January because after that people usually have to get back to work and school.

Best time to visit Bali

Many people would argue that the best time to visit Bali as a tourist is in the months of April, May, June, July, August and September. These are also dry months and busiest when it comes to amount of visitors. Many rentals and accommodation prices are 30-50% more expensive than in wet season.

Best Time to Visit Bali as a scuba diver

People visit Bali mostly for tropical vacation, but if you plan on visiting Bali specifically for diving with mola mola then the best time for you is from June to November. Even though Bali has warm waters throughout the year these are the months when the water can get bit colder. Sometimes as low as 20 degrees. That is the reason that ocean sunfish comes at this time. From November to March it is season where there are most rains but they would not really effect your Bali diving experience.

Scuba diving in Bali is great because Bali dive sites are extremely diverse. Whether you are professional or a beginner, you will have a great experience at most of diving spots Bali has to offer.

Since Bali is located in the middle of Indonesian through-flow it has numerous interesting dive sites. The water currents can be enormous and mostly they move water from Philippines to Pacific and back. Due to this, there is abundance of marine life all over Indonesia. While diving in Bali you will get to see sea animals that you have never seen before in your life.

Some of the great Bali dive sites:


Menjangan Bali is one of the most beautiful dive site in Bali due to its coral growth. Menjangan is an amazing dive destination for wall diving. The walls are covered with great gorgonian sea fans and sponges. Boat trips to Menjangan Island subject to National Park entrance fee of IDR 200.000 / person per day. Once you enter the marine park you will be able to enjoy its white sand beaches and the sublime view over Bali and also the volcanos of Java.


Padangbai Bali is one of the most popular places for underwater photographers in Bali. If you are a macro lower than this is the place to dive. Ocotopuses, ribbon eels and even sea horses are found at this Bali dive site. Padangbai dive sites include Blue Lagoon, Jepun, Secret Jepun, Secret Jetty, Jepun, Tanah Ampoe, White Sand Beach, Ferry Channel and Tanjung Sari shark point. Why not try them all?


Tulamben Bali is one the of most popular diving location in Bali. The Tulamben Liberty Ship wreck is a must do dive for every diver visiting Bali. The wreck is 120 m long and is a fantastic dive site to explore. This shore entry dive spot is en excellent dive location for those trying scuba diving for the first time as well as for more experienced divers.

Find your self a good dive guide and we wish you an amazing Bali diving experience.