How to Dive Safely or Choosing the Right Diving Centre

Scuba diving is generally very safe activity but the accidents from time to time happened like in every other sport. The technology of diving equipment has advanced forward really rapidly in recent years and you can easily choose safe and reliable gear in nearly every dive shop you enter. Maybe that is the reason why most of the bad stories I usually hear or read of are caused by the human error. Divers underestimate they abilities and for chance to see some special underwater creatures they are wiling to risk their safety. I found that Scuba Dive shops play crucial roll in keeping divers safe on their holidays. It is divecentre which talks to people, check they certifications, prepare them for local divesites and accompany them with experienced and professional diveguide.

When you are planing your diving holiday always go for divecentre which has good reputation locally and as well world wide. These days the internet is full of sites with reviews like Tripadvisor and you can check every shop rather easy. If you lack the internet connection never dive with anybody who do not even ask for your certification or number of your dives and has already promised you to see what ever you may have asked for. If divecentre want to cater to your personal needs this has to be one of the first question. Many divers are long time travellers and the good price for dives is quite important to them. Well I am not saying expensive is always the best but if you do not like to dive in groups of 10 people per one divemaster, you like to breath good air under water, travel on comfortable boat, get a good rental equipment you have to expect that the diving is going to cost little bit of money. Be careful with extremely cheap offers and always ask for more details. My big advice for everybody before going diving is make sure your insurance cover diving accidents too and if doesn't get one like that. I have been insured by DAN for more than 8 years and I would recommend them to everybody.

Here is small infographic with nice recapitulation of the most common mistakes scuba divers do and can lead to an accident. You can find there all the good practices you learned on your PADI Open Water Course which will help you to stay on a safe side as a scuba diver.

 Safe Diving in Bali With OK Divers

Did you ever experienced a diving problem or even an axident? What was the cause of it? Let us known in comments below or write us an email about you experiences. OK Divers from Padangbai Bali always like to dive safe and we may learn some new things from your story.