Amazingly Looking Frogfish in Bali Dive Sites

Bali Frogfishes are probably the only animal which is short and fat and still manage look beautiful. Most of them are elaborately camouflaged, both as protection from predators and to enable them to lure prey. They can change colour few times during the life spam and some like to cover them selfs with organisms such as algae or hydrozoa. While keeping with this camouflage, frogfishes typically move slowly and lazy. They prefer to lay and wait for prey, and then striking extremely fast and rapidly in less than 6 milliseconds. The reproductive behaviour of the normally solitary frogfish is still not fully researched. Even we in OK Divers have no full understanding, although we definitely had much more than hundreds observations on our dives in Bali. Guess the Frogfish like to stay mysterious.

What we know for sure even in Padangbai, Bali is that most species are free-spawning, with females laying the eggs in the water and males coming in behind to fertilise them. Sometimes as many as 180 000 eggs (do not worry we did not count them on every dive) starts to absorb water in the frogfish female abdomen not more than several days before egg lying. Male sees that the female is even curvier and sexier than usual and simply knows this is his time to approach. Still not sure thought if it is only the rich curves what makes the male to known spawn is about to happened or there is some other external factor, such as the phase of the moon, or some lovely smell or sexy signal released by the frogfish lady. Other interesting fact is that in all observed breeding pairs, one partner was noticeably, sometimes as much as ten times, larger than the other. Without exception when the gender could be determined, the larger partner was always the female. Well if you like to see some Bali frogfish doing some crazy stuff you can still find OK Divers at the same address in Padangbai. Any questions or more knowledge let us know in coments below.

 Bali Underwater Frogfish in Bali Bali Underwater Frogfish in Bali Bali Underwater Frogfish in Bali Bali Underwater Frogfish in Bali Bali Underwater Frogfish in Bali Bali Underwater Frogfish in Bali